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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by VinodP, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. VinodP

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    Hi i am using Wired Reliance Broad band connection and they have provided me with ZYXEL P-600 series Modem. I also have a PC. now my question is how do i share internet between my pc and laptop. which wireless router shall i bring? and will it work? since Reliance use one session per user and web based authentication?

    I wil wait for your reply.
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Configure your modem in PPPoE mode. Enable DHCP in modem and in the TCP/IP properties of the connection in both Desktop and laptop, set " Obtain IP address automatically ".

    You may buy a Netgear wifi router for the purpose.
  3. VinodP

    VinodP New Member

    but i dont know how to login to my modem? it is ZYXEL P-600 series Modem. will that allow to do do these changes?
  4. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Which mode are you in ? PPPoE or Bridge ?

    To open the modem menu,

    1. Type in your browser.

    2. ID and password is admin. In some cases, password will be root or password.

    3. Post the screen shot of the landing page.

    If you have less than 15 posts, post the image as hxxp://www.domain.com instead of http://www.domain.com.
  5. VinodP

    VinodP New Member

    i guess reliance provide modem in Bridge mode. so which wireless router should i go?
  6. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Netgear will be fine. Do check with Reliance. May be they have a wifi modem which you can get on rent or purchase as an exchange and a few cash instead of your old modem.
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