Wishnet kolkata are you listening????

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Wishnet users of Kolkata, do you want blinding download speeds on torrent ?

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  1. gamekathu

    gamekathu New Member

    In this extremely competitive market you are about to lose your market-share if you continue with your old broadband plans and policies... Alliance Kolkata has a great head start by providing peer to peer extremely fast downloading. So, as an old customer of Wishnet, I would like to request you to please provide peer to peer downloading by implementing bt cache project as alliance does. A month back you guys started bt cache but stopped it after a few days... Please its an earnest request from an old customer, because most of the people nowadays want value for money, so they are gradually shifting to alliance. To maintain and enlarge your customer base, please listen to your customers at least occasionally. PLEASE START BT-CACHE PROJECT ON WISHNET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

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