Windows 7 Laptop Battery Problems

Discussion in 'Windows' started by deepmohan, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Windows 7 Laptop Battery Problems.

    There are reports that Microsoft's Windows 7 the latest OS is having problems with laptop battery, many users started to experience battery problems early when windows 7 was released. Users claimed that windows 7 had damaged their battery its no more charging up does not work even in other OS, while some users reported that it will charge for few minutes and it will report that the battery is at its 100% mark and when they unplug the AC power it will last for few minutes and will shutdown the laptop the same issue they faced in other OS too after they installed windows 7.

    Even users with brand new laptops also calmed that their laptops are not able to hold charge which is going against Microsoft claim that windows 7 would increase battery endurance. As per Microsoft the problem is in a tool which is used to decide whether the battery has been drained, or it is unable to hold charge.

    Microsoft said that the issue is with system firmware, and they are working with hardware partners to solve out the issue.
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    No issues here on my DELL 1520. Infact with windows 7 my battery life as improved by 20% approx.
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    Yes, that's correct... I've read a similar thread in the Microsoft forum where hundreds were complaining about this issue where Battery is affected after installing Windows 7,,, Few persons reported that completely draining out the Battery once, resolved their issue.. Some left their Computer turned ON at the BIOS screen to drain it out... for some it worked even in Windows...

    Also, the problem may be with the Battery Checker Utility or Driver supplied from your Notebook's manufacturer... Hence, it's advisable to reinstall it in the Computer to resolve the issue,
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    One may not believe this but windows 7 did mess with my PC's bios and also its Dvd drive. Its not opening CDs anymore and the problem just started to happen after my windows 7 installation. My computer was closing by itself. And time was also incorrect. Though now i have my issues fixed with formatting and reinstalling. But my Cd is not working properly though Dvd can be read sometimes. Its because of windows 7 cause only after window 7 installation this happened. Earlier i had vista and all things were nicely working.
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    well me too having problems with my Dell 1420........i unpluged for 2 showed battery as 95% remaining.......then i plugged back & within showed.....100% charged. i again unplugged & found that battery was arnd 95%.

    i tested this thing many times & everytime same thing happening.

    Few observations:
    Updating ur bios doesn't help for sure.
    U might wanna shut down ur machine & then charge it. this way win7 will not get into ur battery charging process.

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    ^^^ haha thats awesome..
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    what u find funny in that?

    anyways i've question for Dell Users.
    have u installed qucikset on ur machine?

    those who don't know about the quickset, its the application with the followinfg features:

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