Will a LAN or Ethernet Splitter decrease my speed?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by aadesh, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. aadesh

    aadesh New Member

    Hello All,
    Here is what I intend to do, my family predominately uses a LAN cable to connect to the BSNL data one connection via a standard modem. I have bought a wifi router and I plan to create wifi network which should have good signal on 1st and 2nd floor. I am planning to keep modem on second floor and the router on first floor. The modem will be connected to the router via a lan splitter and a 20 foot long cable. I am using the splitter so that I can use the other port to connect to a desktop.

    My question
    1) Will the lan splitter decrease my internet speed in any which way?
    something like this...

    2) Will the 20 foot cable decrease the speed in any which way?

  2. Rahül Ks

    Rahül Ks Member

    Can you show a pic of the ports on your modem and router ?
  3. aadesh

    aadesh New Member

    This is the modem,


    This is the router, its a netgear wgr614 V9


    I plan to use the switch since the modem and desktop will be in one room/floor while I plan to place the router on top floor. Also I read online that splitter might give rise to ipconflicts and my best bet is getting a eternet switch. Please comment on this as well.

  4. SmoothVibes

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    Hi Aadesh

    Using a splitter is defiantly not a good idea, the answer to your issue is using a switch else you can use new modem.
  5. aadesh

    aadesh New Member

    Cool, that's what I figured as well. The splitter option just popped in my mind and wanted to get your expert opinion on it.
    Thanks for all the help.


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