Why does my Ping change??

Discussion in 'Tata Indicom broadband' started by shomitsarkar, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. shomitsarkar

    shomitsarkar New Member

    Hi...i normally play Battlefield2 on the GsG sniper server (server located in USA) where i can play even with an average high ping of 320 to 350 using my Tata Indicom 384kbps unlimited (1 1/2 year old connection)
    (earlier this year i used to get a ping of 280)

    recently i have noticed that i am getting a ping of 400 to 420+ which again comes back to 350 during night time around 2 to 3 am in the morning!!! and again shoots back to 400+ during the day!!!!

    can anybody shed some light on this problem

    or can anybody suggest a broad band connection ISP in Pune (CHinchwad) who can give connection and can still give better pings

    Please Help SHOMIT
  2. Evander Leopold

    Evander Leopold New Member

    the increase in ping may be the result of increasing server activity in said time.
  3. ShAdOwCoN

    ShAdOwCoN Guest

    how do i know my ping in online games ... is it the no under latency ?
  4. Evander Leopold

    Evander Leopold New Member

    yup dude, i think diff games call it diff names.

    but i think the thread starter may have indicated the the ping to the server address.
  5. ShAdOwCoN

    ShAdOwCoN Guest

    i am getting something like 3xx is it bad or very good ?
  6. Evander Leopold

    Evander Leopold New Member

    3xx to which server address ???????????

    :) it is a bit high. 100 is the wonder number but its hard to get that.
    sometimes even 150 gives huge lagging than 400. it depends on many factors.
  7. ShAdOwCoN

    ShAdOwCoN Guest

    not server address .... its the latency it was showing on Garena :(
  8. itsmemad

    itsmemad Alligator

    I used to get better pings/latency while playing Counter-Strike on Indian servers via youtelecom at Pune... Youtele is best for online gaming... But not good to download large files/torrents as the speed fluctuates!

    Customer care is not satisfactory... but worth taking risk if u r an avid gamer!
  9. shomitsarkar

    shomitsarkar New Member

    Thanks for the replies...

    Youtelecom...hmmmm...never heard....but yes i am a avid gamer and will find out about this youtelecom...thanku very much
  10. ShAdOwCoN

    ShAdOwCoN Guest

    2 days after i started playing on steam i gave up online gaming .

    3 days after i started playing on Garena again i gave up .

    Both times because of high pings

    India sucks for Online gaming . I used BSNL the first time[steam] and Sify the second time [Garena]
  11. Evander Leopold

    Evander Leopold New Member

    dont give up !!!!!!!!!!
    i am going to play there again soon. sometimes i get disturbing connection but most of the times(95%) the gameplay is just fine. I m on bsnl.

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