Why Disable DHT When Using Private Trackers

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    Why Is It Important To Disable DHT when using private trackers:

    A must read for all.

    If you have enabled DHT you could be uploading to people who don't even have access to the site so you won't be receiving the proper credit for your uploads & downloads.

    You will be sharing data out of the tracker and those ghost peers will be using your bandwidth to download from you.

    Yes, you are forced now to re-download your torrents from the site, if you didn't create the torrent file properly but there is another problem with DHT, it opens way too many connections to your computer and it could cause many problems ... for example your router could run out of memory and freeze often, or your connection becomes very slowly.

    One of the first processes that fails is DNS relay, which is why existing connections continue to work but new connections, like web browsing, starts failing.

    In Azureus (Vuze):
    1. Tools/Options/Connection (Tab)/ under "Peer Sources - Select the default permitted sources for peer connections" only check "From a tracker" and Uncheck:  
    - Decentralized tracking     
    - Supplied by another peer
    - Added by a plugin
    2. Tools/Options/Plugins/Distributed DB/ uncheck: - Enable the distributed database
    3. Tools/Options/Plugins/Distributed Tracker/uncheck: -Only track normal torrents when their tracker is unavailable
    4. Tools/Options/Tracker/Sharing/check: - Private torrent - only accept torrents from the tracker 
    (This should automatically grey out the option bellow: "Allow decentralized tracker when tracker is unavailable")
    Click on the Save button and restart Azureus.
    You should see a red dot and "Disabled" on the bottom of the main Azureus window.

    In uTorrent:
    Options/Preferences/BitTorrent/ Uncheck:  
    - Enable DHT Network 
    - Enable DHT for new torrents
    Click OK to save changes.
    You should see "DHT: Disabled" on the bottom of the main uTorrent window.

    FAQ: What is DHT and Why must I turn it off?

    DHT must be disabled in your client, DHT can cause your stats to be recorded incorrectly and could be seen as cheating also disable PEX (peer exchange) Anyone using this will be banned for cheating the system.

    Do not turn off DHT or peer exchange if you are only using torrents from TPB, mininova, etc.

    You will definately have to disbale DHT and PEX in order to report your u/l and d/l stats properly to private trackers like Desitorrents, IPt, BWT etc. Not disabling these may result in a ban from the tracker in some cases.
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    The trick I mentioned was for public trackers only. Never ever use it for private trackers.

    Use 2 different clients. I use vuze for TPB and mininova. Utorrent for all private trackers. You can also forward 2 different ports, once for each client. so you can use 2 clients simultaneously.
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    Thanks amal.

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    glad to be of help.:)
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    Would you please care to explain about this ?
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    It can happen if you are connected to too many incoming connecting peers at a given point of time. Generally does not happen in the case of outgoing peer connection.
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    Hi i have a doubt I don't if the topic is regarding the same or not coz am a bit confused the thing is i have a net connection which gives me speed of say 2mbps now if i am downloading via torrent for about 1mbps also my browsing gets affected shudn't the other 1mbps speedtest was showing be free for browsing although portforwarding helped a little but not much (I don't howw true this observation is but i think it happens more when i have started a torrent whcih is d/l or u/p bcoz of lack of seeds and peers )
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    Now I only use DHT when downloading from public trackers with Forced encryption on. And I get even more speed (download & upload) than when using trackers.

    PS. Thanks for sharing the information. :)
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    "DHT MUST be disabled in your client"???

    I haven't used Desitorrents, IPt, BWT etc. and don't know if they use passkeys or not.

    Karagarga.net, Cinematik.net, asiandvdclub.org, BitHQ.org and other private sites now use passkeys and only allow torrent with the private flag set with auto disable DHT and PEX

    I have not had any problems downloading those torrents at the same time I am downloading torrents from public trackers with DHT and PEX enabled.

    I make sure my torrent client setting are set as not to cause connection problems with windows, router etc and use CFosSpeed to set program and CFosSpeed to set protocols and programs priorities. Use of VPN & encryption for further security

    Busting Common Trackerless Torrent Myths
    Written by Ben Jones on October 24, 2009

    The Pirate Bay tracker has been in a state of flux for a few weeks now, mostly offline. If your torrent relies on it, what can you do? The easiest solution is to go ‘trackerless’ and use the Distributed Hash Table (DHT), but there are many myths and misunderstandings that can put people off using it.

    Myth: You must turn off DHT when you use private trackers. -Wrong
    Myth: Certain clients leak DHT data and should be avoided. -Wrong
    Myth: You can be tracked by DHT / AntiP2P groups use DHT to find you -Unlikely
    Myth: DHT slows your system down -Generally not true
    Myth: You need to connect to a tracker, before you can use DHT - Wrong
    Myth: When enabled, it sends usage data back to [insert company] - Wrong

    Should you use DHT? Not if you only use private trackers, but if you use public ones and your network hardware can cope, then yes. It can help reduce tracker load.

    First post so couldn't hotlink copy "torrentfreak.com/common-bittorrent-dht-myths-091024/" and paste to read the detailed answers to those questions.
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