Why Bsnl Not Provide 1 Mbps Plan For Around 1000 K?

Yes we all wish that such plans are available from ISP's. But I think your 100GB thought is too much I don't think any service provider would provide as much data for that much, unless it was to be covered over 3-4 months. BSNL EVDO would have similar kind of tariff plans, so you can look in that.
If someone think that 100GB is too much where we stand at the year of 2014 then I am sorry to say they are outdated ( no offence ). Most of people use Broadband to download Movies, Games, Songs etc etc, BB not only use for browsing Facebook and Email and twits at Twitter. Broadband also use for downloading a big file or some big files. So where we have High Definition movies now a days so ISP should increase their circuit breaker at-least 80GB. 100GB would be good for the year of 2014. At 5GB of quota if someone watching YouTube everyday frequently then it would last for only 4 days. But Airtel, MTS giving adds like with Caps Lock on ---- DON'T REST TILL YOU DOWNLOAD THE INTERNET ( MTS ). Maybe we are illiterate in English so we don't know what is the actual meaning of that adds say and that is why they give 5GB of high speed quota with the meaning of -- DON'T REST TILL YOU DOWNLOAD THE INTERNET. Because whole Internet is limited within a 5GB and that is why some of us think to someone's thought of 100GB is too much. Ohhh, I forget it is India. Not Sweden. Any way I go back Sweden again then why I care for it. But as an Indian I want every general people should get at-least unlimited 80 GB of usage quota within Rs 1,000. Because in India everyone cant give 4,799 Indian Rupes per-month for 80GB. But I am glad to see Reliance provide 4Mbps fully unlimited at Rs.1199 and BSNL bring 60GB of usage quota within Rs 1,000. I do not have any idea how good is their service.
Cant speak of Sweden, but in Finland the comparison of Mobile call rates with India was just the reverse.
So I would guess, in India, the telcos are subsidising voice by charging high on data, in EU the Telcos are subsidising data by charging high on voice.
apply bsnl wimax 750 unlimited home...on bsnl website it is mentioned 512kbps but they have almost upgraded the speed upto 1mbps(without any FUP,all 30 days it will be 1mbps) in most of cities and town.but note they are only upgrading 750 ult home wimax plan,no other home or business plans.
2 mbps unlimited would be great if 2mbps down and 1mbps up
1mbps would be sufficent for browsing watching 480p video online

There is no high time for 1mbps above in India
In bulgaria somebody get 300mbps pure unlimited for $8 a month from that plan he gets Speed of 300mbps down and 90mbps up. That is 600 times fater than our 512kbps connection whick we pay higher

If we had 1mbbps people can download 180GB per month that it limit of 1mbps if you download 6gb a day

We have to just hope BJP will do something as a new gov
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To be honest I dont really need a 300mbps connection. All I need is a decent 4mbps connection with no FUP that is all and an upload speed of around 1.5mbps. I would be happy with that for now.

I am hoping that Reliance JIO 4G would come out with some decent plans or atleast a generous FUP.