Which wireless router to buy? Range about 2000 Rs.

Discussion in 'Broadband How to' started by eyesonyouu, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Hello everyone

    Earlier I was using beetel 450 bx1 router. It was kept in 1 room and it had almost no signal when connecting in another room which is at about 25 feet. The problem was when connecting with cellphone (Samsung I9000 Galaxy S) because of a poor wlan card maybe.

    So anyways I had to buy a new router to create an access point on 1st floor and after much research I bought tp link 150 Mbps router hoping that the 5 dbi antenna would be good enough to provide coverage in the room which earlier didnt have signal.

    To my surprise and disappointment it was almost similar or maybe even worse than the beetel in terms of signal!

    I would use tp link somewhere else and now am looking for a new router. I tested a netgear 150 mbps router borrowed from a friend and the phone managed to connect from the room to it but only just.

    So I am not very sure which router to buy. Since I have another netgear installed at workplace and happy with its performance I was planning about netgear only.

    Would a 300 Mbps provide better signal than a 150 Mbps router?

    The netgear 300 mbps router is without antenna. Does it affect its performance?

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    Seems like you have multiple routers lying around, with all those trail attempts you made! Its hard for any router if its placed in a closed room, and you expect the signals...,I'd suggest that you make multiple access points, and make sure you have one near your room!

    300Mbps router will have a better range, provided its line of sight is not obstructed! Once this is blocked, the performance deteriorates.
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    Thanks for the reply. Well I do not have multiple routers. One is the default modem + router. Tp link is the 2nd one currently used as an access point. The netgear router I tested was borrowed from a friend.

    I have 2 routers currently- one on each floor. I guess its not worth it if I have to create multiple access points in each room. IMO a router should be able to transmit signals upto 30 feets atleast. If the netgear could do it I guess others would do as well. I would probably buy a netgear 300 mbps router as I have read that it would provide a better range as well.

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