Which Wireless Adsl/router With Usb Support Out Of The Shortlisted Models?

Hello everyone

I have to buy a wireless adsl/router and cannot decide on which product to buy. I have an iball wra150n adsl router which works good (except that it lose access to gui after few hours!)

So I bought another router which looked new but was a refurbished product. While all the packing was good the default ssid and password was changed. As expected the router didnt work and the dealer didnt have a new product in stock. So I have to buy a router (Preferably adsl but not mandatory) and have come up with some options-

1.) Dlink 2750u- Great for price. Usb feature to add printer or share price.


1.) No ewan support. Not future proof but not a big deal.

2.) Internet flooded with problems of it being unstable and losing connection every now and then. The last thing I would want is a router which is not stable.

3.) Also its written that dlink doesnt replace the product. They would exchange with some refurbished product. Now this is ridiculous. I would not want a router to be going bad in 1-2 months only to be replaced by an 1-2 year old router.

2.) TP-LINK TD-W8968-
Good features. Ewan and usb support.


1.) People have complained that it takes Time in acheiving line sync. Also very susceptible to line noise and restart often.

2.) The customer care service doesnt seem to be good as well with people saying there calls are not answered and emails are not replied.

I am already using a tplink router wr740n. While it didnt have any major issues I was never happy with it. Currently it is connected with the reliance adsl and (only) the wifi lose connectivity every now and then and has to be restarted which is the reason for this router hunt!

3.) Iball adsl routers- 3rd option is iball adsl routers. There are some available with usb but it seems it is only for usb modems and not for sharing files. I have written an email to iball. Hopefully there would be a reply by Monday.

Their connectivity seems to be good (Atleast on the Wra150n) and hopefully the service is also good.

So ultimately I have no idea what product should I be buying now and would really appreciate some help.

Some other products would also be fine but I am not looking for anything over Rs 2500-2700.

Does anyone have any experience with the mentioned routers or any other help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.