which phone is the best for browsing internet ..?

Discussion in 'Nokia' started by username, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. username

    username Guest

    Which one is the best for browsing internet through airtel ..? please any help will be appreciated..Thankyou
  2. loftysub

    loftysub Guest

    Nokia is the best but go for phones that have EGPRS facility. It is faster but I should say - don't expect a Dial-Up connection to be very good at any point of time.

  3. IBF

    IBF New Member

    Well i am using my Nokia 6300 to browser internet and i would say that it is the bes mobile phone to browser internet through mobile phone.
  4. Practical

    Practical New Member

    I am using Nokia 6020 and it is a very good mobile phone for using internet. I always used it before i switched to TATA USB internet connector. I would highly recommend you this handset if you like it.
  5. prateek2005

    prateek2005 New Member

    i think that nokia n 70 is very good for browsing net.i have used it and the speed was good.
  6. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Iphone :) I love the way you can zoom into a page :)
  7. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I would say any phone that has a large display screen. I use O2 XDA-IIi and quite satisfied with that (but not with GPRS). At home, on Wi-Fi, I get excellent results. You want to see the maximum from the page without scrolling. So bigger the screen, the better. Also the phone screen must have good resolution.

    I would agree with Admin on iPhone.
  8. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Yes O2's xda is pretty cool but does it have edge? I know it supports 3g as I had one two years ago and browsing was very fast in UK in 3g networks but not sure about India as I never used it here.

    I also have a Motorola A920 which has a massive screen but then it sucks here in India as it doesnt have edge :( on 3G it rocks in UK :)
  9. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    O2 XDA IIi does not have EDGE. The latest models have it.
  10. prateek2005

    prateek2005 New Member

    dont know.my friend has n 73. and it is also very good.
  11. nansurabhi

    nansurabhi New Member

    I know that moblie browsing through N series is the best Because it has been provides with the best browser and sony P990i is also good for browsing
  12. emas4me

    emas4me New Member

    for me , prefer HTC/O2 model . since have a good experience with my O2 Xda II few month ago , i vote for O2 as a good pda to browse the internet all over !

    i love O2 ... but nokia good as a user friendly gadget !
  13. Error

    Error New Member

    I would say that Nokia 6300, 6020 are the best one to use internet from pc thorugh mobile but if you would like to use internet from mobile then any touch screen handset would do it.
  14. Message

    Message New Member

    I would say that you should use a hadnset which is EDGE enabled as you would get more speed in this hadnset and also you would have stable connection.
  15. Jupiter

    Jupiter New Member

    I had been using Sony Ericksson K500i and i would say that it is a good handset for surfing internet. I never face any problem with this hadnset.
  16. Register

    Register New Member

    I have never used internte on mobile phone but i cousin had been using internet on his Motorola L6 so i would say that it is a good handset to surf interent.
  17. abhirooplive

    abhirooplive New Member

    Motorola L6i Sucks

    Dude...Motorola L6i sucks...really it does...its alright for..net on mobile...but it is really slow when u connect via P.C. From Motorola...Motokrzr K1 has good Edge tehnology.... and Nokia 6300 is also good...for browsing. Nokia 7500 prism also has introduced edge.. So its your option...but I think Nokia 6300 is the cheapest with good edge technology...

    :)However when it comes to the best..there is only one option and that is IPHONE:)

  18. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    i think my computer is best for browsing internet and my friends computer is best for browsing internet through airtel...

    bro you can use any WAP enabled mobile phone and download opera WAP browser... its good...
  19. surcal

    surcal New Member

  20. adamxp

    adamxp New Member

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