Which is the best DTH service in INDIA?

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Which is the best DTH service in INDIA?

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  2. DISH TV

  3. BIG TV

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  5. SUN

  1. ganeshs20k

    ganeshs20k New Member

    Best DTH in india

    Pl tell me which is the best DTH...or any suggestions to choose this...I'm from chennai
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I will recommend only two:

    a) Quality wise: TataSky
    b) Price to content-wise: DishTV

    For south, DishTV is better. Cannot comment on Sun as I have never seen anyone up here.
  3. Archer

    Archer New Member

    DishTV is the best of all.

    Sun Direct/DTH is not very good in Customer Care service. They don't respond to phone calls or give any help (according to local dealers in Kerala).
  4. drpradeepmm

    drpradeepmm New Member

    Which is the best DTH service in INDIA?
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I am afraid that there is no one answer.

    I like TataSky for their STB user interface and slightly better video quality. But my word, they are very expensive. BigTV is best in terms of Video quality but have very poor service record. Plus costly too. Airtel is also good but expensive. No idea of Sun but I expect that it will be as good or bad as the others.

    But, I find DishTV more value for money. I have been using DishTV for over two years now. I have had no reason to complain. I pay annually and get the annual one-time payment discount. I get renewal notices in time. They even have a personal courier service to collect payments - though I do not use them. They have the maximum recharge/renewal options. Also they have rarely removed channels abruptly from an annual payment pack - all their new channel package reorganization (if any) applies to you after the subscription is over.

    Also, in terms of movies, they have the maximum channels.

    To top it all you get all channels via Titanium pack by paying Rs. 3,990 all inclusive of taxes. So my vote is to DishTV.

    To those who voted: let us have a feedback also. Voting is so digital. :)
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2009
  6. drpradeepmm

    drpradeepmm New Member

    yes i agree with you

    Though tatasky is best in quality packages are not much flexible and also provide less number of chanels and missing certain entertainment movie chanels like firangi,bindass movies, zeetalkies, music chanels like b4u,etcand other.they provinding plenty of other regional chanels which are not usefull for specific region.why they dont categorize packeges according to specific region??????????????????
    sun dth is also expensive though quantity is good.
  7. drpradeepmm

    drpradeepmm New Member


    I am tatasky user which has good quality but not quantity.
    I will recommend DISH TV.
  8. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    Well My Vote Goes to Dishtv Because of following reasons:

    1. Dishtv Provides Max Channels (240) and almost all the good channels are available on dishtv.

    2. More economical packages. At Present Dishtv is the most economical of all DTH and have best packages. Like Platinum pack where you get 185 channels at only 283+ tax.

    3. Most economical Annual Pack that Rs.3617+ tax= 3990, where one can can get 188 channels or you can say all the channels based on their pack.

    4.More and economical ala-carte Packs, Dishtv offer moe number of ala-carte and Add-on packs then any other DTH and provide their users an option of pay for what they watch and select channels as per their choice. and above all, all the ala-carte pack are very economical.

    5. Very good harware and Software and best user interface.
  9. iiiiai

    iiiiai New Member

    the votes are truly wonderful
  10. Nikhil M Das

    Nikhil M Das New Member

    I think there is nothing like "Best DTH"

    Choose a dth service that has both gud service in your locality and convinient plans to choose.:D
  11. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Agree on everything except Point (5). :)
  12. imrock

    imrock The Master

    i use big tv but best is tata sky.
  13. cbhawsar

    cbhawsar New Member

    There isn't a single answer. It depends on your taste.

    Dish TV is very cheap in case u are choosy among channels. Its plans are very flexible, like u do not have to buy a complete pack of channels if u want to get a single extra channel. But its technology used in stb is very old so if u have an LCD, dont go for it.

    tata sky is the best in customer care but it gives only bundled schemes in terms of channels. U have to upgrade a whole package to get a few channels.. it is therefore very costly if your channels are not included in cheaper pack.

    sun tv is similar to tata sky minus the customer care. its good for south india.

    Airtel is similar to dish tv but has mp4 technology and slightly higher channel rates. its customer care is also good. In airtel also, u can add some channels by paying a little extra money (just like in dish TV).. mp4 makes it good for lcd tv..

    make your choice...
  14. rahul121

    rahul121 New Member

    go for airtel or for tatasky plus because they are good in customer care and technology but are slight costly
  15. cbhawsar

    cbhawsar New Member

    Tata sky plus is costly. 4-5000 for installation n stb.
    airtel is just 1500-2500 with good quality picture
  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Best dth in south

    According to me . SUNdirect is the best in south india

    MPEG 4
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    videocon is the best in pic. and price both

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