Which Is The Best Cloud Storage Service?

I have my files stored in an external hard drive but of late I have heard some disaster stories of hard drives crashing, so I am thinking of storing my files elsewhere. The only other option I thought of is cloud storage, but which is the best cloud storage?
I think Dropbox and Google Drive are both good. I havent really used any other cloud storage so can not comment on the others.


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Cloud storage is good if you have a good internet connection. What if the connectivity is limited??
Although cloud servers are a good back up, I'd still recommend the old school harddrives. And, to avoid the fear of loosing data, buy a SSD (Solid State Drive) type hard disk. There are no mechanical components inside which could fail over usage. :)
I personally don't like cloud storage because after some duration I think its three years or so you need to make a yearly payment. SO if you don't want to pay you then have to transfer the folders and files elsewhere.