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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by ksrkprasad, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. ksrkprasad

    ksrkprasad New Member


    I am going to apply for new BB connection in this week. Is it better to go for BSNL or any other private ISP like sify... In my Colony Sify is the only one who provides broadband connection.

    In BSNL which is the best paln. I am not having any land line connection at my residence.

    My Budget is 500 to 650 for month.

    So kindly inform me the best ISP and best plan...

    Thnaks in advance

  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    It is difficult to advise.

    BSNL provides reasonably priced tarrifs. Since you do not have a landline connection you will have to apply for a landline also if you wish to go with BSNL. You have a choice of Home 250 or Home 500. But landline rent (Rs. 180) will also be added.

    Airtel is another good provider. They also have limited usage plans starting from 499 which includes a landline phone rent.

    Many people have said bad things about Sify. Do check out in the neighbourhood about Sify.

    Do a google search on all the major ISPs to decide.
  3. ksrkprasad

    ksrkprasad New Member

    BSNL is giving free land connection in 500c and 500c+ plans. Is it good to go for that. Becuase airtel is giving only 64Kbps in 499 plan??
    Any suggestions.
  4. sureshmen2012

    sureshmen2012 New Member

    BSNL is good infact 500 C+
  5. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    If you are planning limited usage I would suggest you to go for BSNL 250 home plan and if you are planning for unlimited go for 750 plan of airtel if indeed you have that plan available in your city.

    But my recommendation on the whole would be bsnl.
  6. player

    player New Member

    hello ksrkprasad
    my suggestions would be in favor of sify broadband because of many reasons

    firstly:sify is a private company so it will be easier to fight with them.
    secondly:their after sales service is good comparing to bsnl in which there is no assistance
    thirdly:and the most important bsnl is a government firm so you cannot do anything to these people in case of mass billing or password theft.

    you are saying that you do not have a landline connection so it will take months to give you a connection and after you have got your landline connection you will apply for broadband then again it will take months and after waiting so many months you will get unsatisfying speeds!
  7. ksrkprasad

    ksrkprasad New Member

    Hi friends,

    To day I have applied for BSNL 500C+ Plan which includes phone connection.
    I tried for type2, type 4 modems. They told that presently these modems are not available. So I chose Type 1. Waiting for my broadband connection to be activated....
  8. ramesh1429

    ramesh1429 New Member

    BSNL is GOOD

    In earl;ier days BSNL response is not good but now they are working & responding very fast and you will get good service from BSNL. You can take BSNl connection it is worhable tariffs

  9. ankitbhat

    ankitbhat New Member

    when dont you better buy you broadband it works better there

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