Which DTH Service is Best in terms of Service

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    I know there are many views when it comes to choosing good dth service, but i want to know which of them excel in customer service, whether it is dish tv or tata sky?
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    The following main things could go wrong with a DTH connection:

    a) Dish gets misaligned (for example due to strong winds, rain) and you stop getting signals or get poor signals.
    b) You stop getting service because your subscription ran out or some screw up in your account
    c) STB develops faults

    There could be others but the above are the major causes.

    For (a), you have to depend upon local dealership and personnel. It will differ city to city. So you cannot depend upon public opinions from forum boards. You must talk to the people in your locality.

    For (b), also local delaership will be a good help. But CS also matters. I am having DishTv for over 2 years now. I had to call a few times. The CS is not great but not bad either.

    The bad thing about DishTV is that they do not send any invoices/ bills/ reminders, etc. You have to remember when your payment is due. The STB menu has the information - when you paid last, how much you paid and when is it due for renewal. But it is not everyday that you go deep into the menus to check all that.

    For (c), the STB and Dish/LNB, carry a one year warranty. After that we have to pay. I have not faced this problem.

    Overall I would say that in terms of CS both Tata and Dish are at par.

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