Which are the best mobile broadband in india?

Discussion in 'Mobile broadband' started by mcurse, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I'm going to Thakurpukur, Kolkata for an important work and will stay about 2 months. I'm a part-time freelancer. If I go to Kolkata I've to take an internet connection. Besides I'll go to Darjeling and Gangtok for a 7 days travel. Can anyone tell which internet connection will be best for this three place(Thakurpukur, Darjeling and Gangtok)? I need a modem that I can take any where and need at least 1Mbps speed. I'll be stay in Ground Floor. So modem connection should be strong.

    Please tell me which connection will be best for me and how much it cost.

  2. ramitzar

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    Going by your requirement you may opt for Vodafone 3G as it has service in Kolkata, West Bengal & Sikkim circles.Also, EVDO operators like Tata photon, Reliance Netconnect are not bad either.
  3. ulysses

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    getting new sim and instant activation is history now!

    I doubt you will get a new CDMA data card or GSM sim +data card instantly activated when you land in kolkata.It takes 7 days because of the new rules.
    Safer to get a prepaid GSM sim /data card and activate a data pack in your current location as you should have some sort of permanent address +ID proof.
    Data roaming is free in most operators except Idea may be.
    find out the workable 3G operators in your target area and get that sim in your current location.
    if you want cheaper ,Ebay is ok to find 7.2 mbps Huawei/ZTE/micromax data cards below rs 1200.
    BSNL is data roaming free and 3G works in most district Hq's .you can buy their sim +data card from them if you want to make it simpler.:cool:
    I wont recommend CDMA prepaid propreitory dongles like Photon+,netconnect,MTS.(no sim & can not be used for anyone else)
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    is this CDMA prepaid propreitory dongles like Photon+,netconnect,MTS won't work when their is no network coverage or they use satellite connection when their is no internet connection giving 128 Kbps or 256 Kbps connection
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    Best go for Airtel 3G
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    whats the best in Pune on mobile ?

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