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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by itsmemad, Feb 22, 2010.

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    CodeOrgan would be on my list of sites that offer services completely useless, but still can be interesting. The idea is to provide a set of sounds, based on those generated by an organ and synthesizer, based on the URL of your site. How does it do? It's guiding the content that makes up your website with an algorithm to evaluate musical notes and voila.

    CodeOrgan requires no registration and is free. CodeOrgan system operation is quite simple, you just need to give the URL of the page from which you want to hear the melody and wait several seconds while it processes information, that appears to be the site's HTML code.

    The music played not only consists of keyboard and synthesizer, but the drum machine. I must admit that there was far more harmonious melody of www.indiabroadband.net than I imagined. :)

    Finally, they have not neglected the social aspect of the tool, perhaps with a view to making viral, so you can share the music on your social networking site like Facebook and Twitter.

    Your site sounds good or looks like a sonata funeral?

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    Not bad though as facebook twitter do not actually have any sound.

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