What is best 3G USB wireless mifi portable hotspot router?

Discussion in 'Broadband Internet Service Providers' started by joetuma, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Hi - Few months ago, i had purchased a 3G USB wireless wifi portable router, the SMC WPBR-3G (Barricade) router in which i used to connect either my Airtel Huawei 3G or sometimes my Idea Net setter stick to have wifi on the go. I used to use this on my Ipad (wifi only version) and it used to work wonders especially when i am in the train or bus on the way to work.

    But this router gave up and their "customer service" is a joke and are not honoring the 6 month warranty (which it definitely is in) and now is broken.

    I am now looking out for something similar like this, In the US, they have a brand called Cradlepoint PHS300, but unfortunately they do not support Airtel Huawei E1731 type 3g USB sticks, i got this information straight from their customer service, nice people.

    Does anyone here use anything similar to the above and can you share a good brand for me to buy?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I had bought the SMC router from ebay (infact from the exact same seller :D), which is what broke after 4 months, i tried contacting the SMC website but they do not honor the warranty. It was not a bad router at all till it lasted, so i am not too confident of its working.

    The TP link ones you have sent needed to be powered and are not battery operated. The SMC was amazing that way, you can insert you USB modem into the router and i just place it in my shirt pocket.
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    In addition to above you can also check Olive Nexus V9. they are supposed to have better after sales service
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    Essbebe - Thanks for taking the time and posting these links, very helpful of you!

    Edimax seems like a good option, but they have compatibility issues with Huawei E1731

    I had an awful experience with Leoxsys, i had purchased a 3G USB modem (that could take any SIM) and speed was very low, much lower than Huawei. Their tech support in Bangalore was simply unresponsive to all my queries. I tried on some forums talking to people who had bought their wireless router (the link you sent), although it was good, the battery back-up was very very poor. After 20-30 min, it would shut down (pretty much defeats the whole purpose)

    Olive looks good - but when i try to buy it says 'Out of Stock' and they don't seem to have any on ebay.in as well.

    Trend looks good but their spec battery life is 1.5 hours and has no client isolation, whereas Edimax is close to 4

    Thanks for your help guys! will keep checking too.
  9. dushie

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    I have the cradlepoint MBR1000 and it's a great router works with most of the modems out there and is a goodbuy. Never faced any issues in ownership has worked like a charm.It's good for home and office use.
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    I just ended up buying D-link mypocket DWR-131 router and all i can say is that it is the crappiest of crappy router i have ever bought. I can't even return it as well, technically, it does work. But the signal transmission is so bad.

    I tried connecting my
    - Huawei Airtel USB modem to it
    - MTS Blaze
    - Tata Photon.

    All them connect ok, but when it try to access it on my IPAD, the speed is quite bad. It never was the case with my SMC router, i used to get killer streaming videos on youtube. This router buffers less than a dial-up modem. :mad:

    Oh well, onwards and upwards.
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    Am seriously looking for a Mi-fi router which can support Airtel 3G/4G USB dongle ! All the wired broadband connections in our area are running full and recently moved to a new area which has no other option other than

    Airtel 3G
    Wi5 - Fibre optic connection

    Thinking that Airtel 3G with a suitable MiFi router would be a wise option considering the Up time (if at all i get a reliable router).

    Can any one suggest a good MiFi router which is having after sales support in India ?

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