What Is A Phablet?

Excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge for technology gadgets, but I am sure there must be many like me..:)
We have the desktop, then the laptop then there was a notebook and netbook, after that we have the tablet which is all quite simple to know what it is. But what is a phablet? I am guessing it something between a mobile phone and tablet, but I simply fail to understand what have that, is there any use?
Your right that a phablet is something in between a tablet and phone. You will notice that the size is in between the both its a large sized mobile phone which is good to use as a tablet.
Its actually ideal for someone who needs their phone as much as they need their tablet or even laptop! So it basically allows you to make calls as well as work.
Its something between a phone and tablet. If your more of a phone user its not something that can easily be put in your trouser pocket!