What About The Speed Of Bsnl 2G Sim Gprs?

Discussion in 'Bsnl Mobile' started by wapkerala, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    Hello Friend Im Trying To Takes The 2G Sim Bsnl For The USage Of Bsnl Gprs Through Mobile To Pc But Im Still confused Above Speed In It Tey Says They Supports Edge In Their Networks Is It True? How Much Gprs Speed Should I Get From It ? My Home Is 50metre Away From The Bsnl Tower Any One Can Clarify My Doubts With Results
  2. anbujohn

    anbujohn New Member

    hello member ur model no Please...so i can tell u the details...
  3. mickey

    mickey New Member

    you will get best results as your home is not too far from the bsnl tower(just like mine) you can take bsnl and try it..

    gprs speeds cant be told like this.. they vary on different things, because based on mobile signals.
  4. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    Bro First Of All U Make Sure That Your Mobile Support Edge or 2G Technology After Enquire Nearest Bsnl Exchange Office Thats Ur Residing Location That The Towers Supports Edge Or 2G Facilty
    As U Mentioned Ur Towers Is No Far From You Hope That U Receive Better Signal Strength If It Have Edge Facility U Can Acquire The Speed Above 40Kbps To 50Kbps In 2G Networks
    This Is Mine Tata Docomo 2G Speed
  5. vipzzz

    vipzzz New Member

    actually i wud say that you guys who get amazing speed of 150kbps with bsnl 2g sim r really lucky.coz i too use 2g sim n bsnl tower is not far from my location bt i jst get the speed of 3-5kbps only.so i concluded one thing that bsnl totally avoids rural areas.i use nokia 5800 n am a orissa dweller.can anyone suggest something helpful

    my prob is worse than that mentioned in this forum by different people.i too use the bsnl 2g sim n the tower is not at all far but i get speed of 3-5kbps at max.the condition is even worse at times.now one thing to b concluded is bsnl avoids rural areas in orrisa.disappointing bsnl.can anyone pls comment my prob

    frnds,is there any official bsnl site to request for 3g in a particular area.
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  6. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    Bro Vipzz I Advice As Ur Following Comments On Bsnl May Be Ur Tower Does Not Suport 2G Facilitys Near By You So Avoid Bsnl And Use Any Other Private Networks Gprs Like Airtel,Tatadocomo,Reliance,Videocon Bot Of This Provide 2G Technology See My Tata Docomo 2.5G Speed In Kerala
  7. abhayshow

    abhayshow New Member

    He he he he
    Same here bro... :(
    U got poor speed due to rural area, But i m in lucknow and the tower is closer to my house also that support 2G etc. But Still i m getting max speed 10-12 kbps. I m surfing on PC through my Nokia 7210supernova which supports EDGE.
    I don't want to use BSNL 3G too, Bcs. it also gives the same speed in my area so i have sold my 3G data card. ha ha ha...
  8. mickey

    mickey New Member

    in rural places i have seen that bsnl gives "G" in place of "E".. and so the speed decreases to a great extent.. 3G is also poor in many places..
  9. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    Mr Abhayshow Its Not Only Ur Problem Most Probably Bsnl Avoids Rural Areas Installing Edge On The Tower Why U Suffer Bsnl Check Other Networks Or Compliant Ur Nearest Bsnl Exchange Office I Thinks They Will Not Takes A Request All The Workers On The Bsnl Does,nt The Full Of BSNL,EDGE,3G Except The Speed Of Any Plans All Guys Are Budhus
  10. Kattribaljit

    Kattribaljit New Member

    If u have 2g sim of bsnl then u can enjoy high speed net downloading like as 3g. First purchase nokia mobile 3g compartable, then go to seting>phone>netwrk>select umts. Then close it. Use default seting like as bsnl live. Then do personal seting create seting with bsnlnet. Make this seting ur access seting. Then you wil enjoy fast speed of net downloading 30 to 50 minimum speed some time it crosed 100 downloading. Rember if show 3g before ur signal tower in ur hand set it means your 2g sim working 3g facility . If 3g signal nt cms then do dual mode or gsm, high speed depends on signals of 3g or area. I m from chandigarh. M happy from bsnl. Nd my friends enjoy this with speed of 200 to 250 or 300 downloading speed. Thx.
  11. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member

    It used to as you said, I guess BSNL found out a way to limit speed. I used to use 2G SIM on unlocked Idea Net Sette 3G Data. The download speed varied from 50-220Kbps. But now I get only a max of 32 Kbps. I thought it was a speed issue from BSNL so I got myself a 3G SIM and tried it in the same data card. I got an amazing download speed of 150Kbps.
    So I guess the hacks mentioned on the internet no longer work. All you can get it max 32Kbps on 2G. To get good speed you will need 3G.
  12. bhavsar_harshal

    bhavsar_harshal New Member

    I brought 2g sim and then activated 270 gprs plan
    Initially for 5 days got very good 3g speed upto 300 kbps download here in Pune but now yesterday most of the time 2g signal it was showing instead of 3g though sometime 3g(1/2 occasion) and speed decreases drastically to 20-30kbps

    I am using it via Huewai E3565 and T-mobile webconnect manager
    Anybody having idea to catch 3g signal/increasing speed in bsnl
  13. rajeevbsw

    rajeevbsw New Member

    which plan

    which plan you use in 3g
    is it possible to do gprs 98 2gb or 6gb recharge for rs 27o in 3g sim
  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    yes its possible.. you will get capped at 256 kbps. thats all.
  15. upadhyay.minmay

    upadhyay.minmay New Member

    correct bro.... the speed has been limited from the day these new GPRS and internet plans started.........

    they have a way to limit 2g gprs speeds on 3g network
  16. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i update...

    i am getting 2mbps for a prolonged period sometimes.. ..

    usually on 2G sim the speed is around 180kbps. which is good for me.
  17. upadhyay.minmay

    upadhyay.minmay New Member

    mickey pls mention ur city and the recharge plan u r using for internet. . . . . . . . I m using bsnlnet apn in bangalore with recharge of rs. 98 and speed is very dissapointing it hardly crosses 20 kbps but few months before when new gprs plans were not launched i got 100-150kbps which was good for me under all same city plan and apn . . . . . . I think the higher amount plan u choose the better speed u get . . . . What do u think?
  18. mickey

    mickey New Member

    with current speeds i cannot believe that "high value recharge = high speeds"..

    i can achieve 2mbps at late night for half hour.
  19. upadhyay.minmay

    upadhyay.minmay New Member

    mickey you didn't mention ur city .... atleast tell me about ur recharge plan.....

    and i thing i forgot to mention that i m using the sim card in roaming this sim does not belongs to karnataka....tell me if a 2g sim for here karnataka as a home network might help for better speeds cause i can't go along with high 3g recharges for very good speeds ...................... could anyone suggest which service provider gives better
  20. anupam8

    anupam8 New Member

    BNSL data through mobile BTS is no longer recommended. no matter whether GPRS , or EDGE in 2G network one cant get more than 7 Kbps speed in most of the BTS s as BSNL has compressed the data input to each BTS after modifying tariff. They are throwing much of the data to 3G BTS though 3G is poor too.

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