was divya bharti murdered?

Discussion in 'Bollywood movies' started by amitkool21, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. amitkool21

    amitkool21 New Member

    i just read her imdb profile after watching Deewana.

    Date of Birth
    25 February 1974

    Date of Death
    5 April 1993, Bombay, India (accidental fall from building)

    Birth Name
    Divya Om Parkash Bharti


    5' 4" (1.63 m)

    Mini Biography
    Divya was born on February 25, 1974 to Meeta and Om Prakash Bharti.

    Opting for acting, she quit college, & landed a role in 'Bobbili Raja' (Telegu) in 1990 at just 16 years of age. This movie became a hit, and was dubbed into Hindi and released as 'Raampur Ka Raja'.

    Divya made her debut in Bollywood in 1992 'Dil Hi To Hai', then in a musical romance 'Dil Ka Kya Kasoor', but it was the multi-starer 'Vishwatma' that really got her noticed. Thereafter she acted in 13 more movies amidst speculations that she would be the next Sridevi.

    Her personal life was not as well chartered as her tinsel one, for she fell in love with Sajid Nadiadwala, married him secretly as her parents strongly disapproved, changed her religion from Hindu to Islam, and her name to Sana.

    Her life tragically came to an end on April 5, 1993 when she fell from the balcony of her 5th floor flat in Yari Road, Versova.

    Two of her movies 'Rang' and 'Shatranj' were released after her passing, and were dedicated to her memory. Her film-maker husband has also dedicated several of his films to her name.

    IMDb Mini Biography By: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)

    Sajid Nadiadwala (20 May 1992 - 5 April 1993) (her death)

    She died from falling off a sixth-floor building while she was drunk. However, the papers say it was a murder.

    Was married to Sajid Nadiadwala in secret, due to family problems.

    At the time of her death she was meant to do films including. Mohra, Laadla and Vijaypath. Months after her death, two of her completed films Rang and Shatranj were released and dedicated to her memory.

    Personal Quotes
    Asked what next for her: "I'm waiting for life to take its course. I won't wait until I'm kicked out. When it's time for marriage, I'll walk away gracefully." (Asiaweek, January 6, 1993; page 41)

    source: IMDB

    was she buried or burned?

    whats the possibility that she was murdered by her family?
    or was it a rival actress that got her killed as she released record 14 movies the year.
    or by religious extremists?

    or was it just an accident?
  2. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    Its been almost 16 years since she died. That time there were much speculation that she was murdered and many accusations were floated including some aqainst her husband.
    But its 16 yrs. Man. Who cares today???????
  3. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    This is an attempt to increase post count. Never mind.
  4. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    very true J4K, but never the less good topic, but a bit old!

    There were also rumors that Sanjay Dutt has something to do with, but nothing was said afterward's!

    I thought she was a brilliant actress and very preety too!
  5. rupu1983

    rupu1983 Guest

    Really this topic is not relevant now mate.
    I am thinking now i will start a thread about Guru Dutta Suicide attempt :D :D
  6. powerdoc

    powerdoc New Member

    We're discussing 16 years later :p
    Time to discuss the Gandhian era next :D

    She was my favorite at that time...I stay very close to where she lived & coincidentally was shopping with my parents near the place where it happened.
    Imagine my shock...and I was very young then...
  7. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    Modjii...will any step be taken against irrelavent threads.If yes, then what will the criteria for making a thread relavent/irrelavent...
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