Want feedback for newtikona connection in Chennai

Discussion in 'Tikona WiBro' started by gcesathish, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. gcesathish

    gcesathish New Member

    I planned to go for tikona ADULM4096(4Mbps, unlimited). Now i m living in sholinganallur, chennai.

    If any one knows the speed and nearest tower point on this specific location:rolleyes, Pls reply?

    Is tikona good? Pls suggest if any other broadband is better than tikona. :rolleyes:
  2. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    Do you like dial up internet? If Yes, go for Tikona. Thats the max speed which you can expect after few days of good speeds.
  3. gcesathish

    gcesathish New Member

    Could you please clarify with detail?
  4. kbrahma

    kbrahma New Member

    Tikona User - Delhi

    I am not sure about Chennai, but I get a "site/tower/server" down problem from their end atleast 3 days a week in Delhi! I don't have many issues with the connection speed (I get what I pay for), but they do not deliver on what their company stands for.

    They are NOT an Internet Service Provider, you can't be one if there is NO service for at least 13-14 days a month!

    I personally wouldn't recommend Tikona to ANYONE and looking at the Tikona sub-forum, no body would.
  5. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    This is exactly why I said that. Its not just service, the speed also sucks, and if you are a tech savy person, you will be pissed off with Tikonas router. You cant port forward... no customization and limited no of PC connectivity.

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