vodafone's non-existent helpline!

Discussion in 'Vodafone Mobile' started by bheem, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. bheem

    bheem New Member

    On two occasions now, I have found that vodafone's customer service number is non-existent. I phone the helpline for a simple query, impatiently waiting for the option to speak to a human but guess what that option always returns you to the main menu! No matter which subcategory you choose, as soon as you select the option that would normally connect you with a human the system throws you back to the main menu. So, I call the complaints number (198). On this number, every option returns a message saying "unable to deal with this query at the time - please call back later"

    The first time this happened, I sent an email to Vodafone and shortly received an acknowledgement email assuring that they will deal with my enquiry within 3 days. It actually took them 9 days to reply!

    Now on the second attempt, it has been 7 days since I emailed them. I am really annoyed with Vodafone as I feel their customer service is non-existent. What's more they have the cheek to charge you when you connect to a human. Shouldn't calls to customer services be free? They claim this is because of some tax regulation! What nonsense! So does that mean Docomo is not following the tax regulation???? I strongly advise not to take a Vodafone connection if you're expecting any kind of after sales service.
    :mad: :confused: :mad: :confused: :mad:
  2. vinit

    vinit New Member

    even if you reach the cc guys they start talking to you in hindi irrespective of the option chosen that too with a typical accent so you cant actually make out what they are talking about
  3. Raccoon

    Raccoon New Member

    Idea, Docomo and Reliance have much better customer care then. I almost always get replies to emails within about 24 hours.
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    there is no customer helpline for idea users (atleast in western u.p node)
  5. bonda

    bonda New Member

    i called the Voda helpline at night 2am and i was getting repeated Language select for nearly 2min and they dis connected my call...
  6. bheem

    bheem New Member


    It seems like Docomo is having problems too. Normally, I like the fact that it is FREE to call their customer care and the fact that their menu is much more simpler to use than Vodafone and Airtel. Also, you can press 9 from the main menu to speak to a human directly.

    However, yesterday I don't know what happened with Docomo but for most of the day when dialling 121 from the mobile we kept getting "incorrect number". Or, when it was connecting, it said they were busy talking to other customers so "please call later". They could at least set up a system where you can be put in a queuing system.
  7. alokmis

    alokmis Banned

    I agree the Vodafone cc is very negligent in attending customer grievance until I don't visit the gallery none of my problems have been sorted on call which we pay for and the gallery is very time consuming as an entire day gets wasted till its turn that they are attending your query. :mad:
  8. teddy

    teddy New Member

    Please read this The Hindu Business Line : Vodafone loses Rs 12,297-cr tax challenge

    Vodaone IN is Tax Evader. They donot comply TRAI directions on DoNot Disturb.
  9. mickey

    mickey New Member

    well for Voda i think they suck..

    first of all i dont know how are telecom operators issued the right to levy 50 paisa per 3 minutes on calls to operator help.. this is true sign of dictatorship.. all these guys are playing the rip off game with the consumers..
    those consumers who cannot top up for less money , the labor class have now, no right to issue their complaints to the operators, neither they do they really help in most cases..
  10. teddy

    teddy New Member

    country in the hands of Burucratic Babus and A Raja Sucks:mad::eek:
  11. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Arey bhai Raja aur Runk ki kahani mein middle class ko kyon peet rahe hain yeh log.. :mad:

    Nira wadia ki jay!!!

    p.s :- i always knew Barkha was working for Sonia, thanks Neera...
  12. bhushan3636

    bhushan3636 New Member

    Please give me the email id of vodafone cc as well. Seems like bunch of morons are sitting there

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