Vodafone SMS packs for Delhi NCR

Discussion in 'Vodafone Mobile' started by Preeti_20, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    For the SMS bonus packs there are two options the Bonus Card 34 and the Bonus Card 89.

    Bonus Card 34 – Free Local and national SMS

    With the bonus card 34 you can get free local and national sms, and this is by just recharging your account with Rs34.
    The card has a validity of 10 days.

    Bonus Card 89 – Free Local and national SMS

    With the bonus card 89 you can get free local and national sms with a recharge coupon of Rs89.
    The card gas a validity of 30 days.

    Both options are good according to your needs and if your a person who uses SMS more often then this is a good deal.
  2. justcurio.us

    justcurio.us New Member

    Seems a good option but with my TATAINDICOM free 3000sms local/national for Rs50 this is way too expensive.
  3. StarK

    StarK New Member

    Previously i was using the 35Rs/350 local sms pack, ended up buying 3 of these last month :(... have now switched to 24Rs 10p/Local sms, 20p/STD sms unlimited. This one suits me and also keeps my messagin in check. :D
  4. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Starry so many sms's..........you could try this offer which is one, as it includes local and national!

    Shame I dont need this as I dont really SMS much.............or maybe I should now!
  5. StarK

    StarK New Member

    ya i was thinking of that one but it will only make my messaging problem worse. ;)

    and as far as you not messaging so much is concerned.. u couldn't be at a better position. i had nearly got the Blackberry thumb disease (without even owning one :D :lol: ).. seriously though, my thumbs simply refused to bend without some effort and a bit of pain 2 years back...and i had returned to the habit again last month as i told..

    hence i better stay away from these free sms packs and its my sincere request that you do too. :)
    anyways the 24 one is offering national sms at 20p and local at 10p so its not much of a problem...except that ur balance does go down in some time which is good for some like me ;)
  6. Manik Adhikari

    Manik Adhikari New Member


    now u can activate a teriff , its bonus card 89 , and u get 20000 sms for local and std both and validity is 30 days.;)
  7. amit_chopra123

    amit_chopra123 New Member

    Now Vodafone New bonus card for new delhi and ncr and that card features is 10 mins std for just rs 4 recharge and 40 minutes local vodafone to vodafone for just rs 4, 100 local or national sms for just rs 4.

    for more information please visit the official site of vodafone.

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