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    Change Your Life with Vodafone SIM Card

    Are you in search of an economical SIM card that suits your requirements and simultaneously provide you unlimited fun and enjoyment then do not wait for any miracle. Vodafone presents for its customers attractive plans like miracles that happen once in lifetime. Just go mobile and connect to your friends and loved ones with Vodafone. With prepaid mobile plan you have the freedom to spend as much or less time as you wish at reasonable charges. Now continue your chatting without any worry regarding validity or talk-time with flexible recharging schemes especially for you. Just go to the nearest outlets spread everywhere in your city and get connected for ever.


    Does It Not Sound Thrilling?


    Easy TOPUP recharge option
    For prepaid connection, enjoy E-RECHARGE MOBILE TOP UP VOUCHERS
    Flexible BONUS CARDS

    Be Patient As We Have Much More Than your Expectations

    More Services:

    Tunes and downloads
    Vodafone Alerts
    Call Management Services
    Dial in services

    Cost-Effective Roaming

    Do not worry about prepaid and postpaid roaming if you are planning to go for outing because you can still get connected to your family, friends and colleagues with easy and economical plans.

    Prepaid Roaming:

    Now you can easily get your roaming activated for National and International tours while going out of your hometown. National roaming is already activated on Vodafone mobile even though International roaming is got activated for which you are charged a nominal amount. To get the facility of international roaming you have to fill up a Service Request Form with security deposit to subscribe or call toll free number 111. You can also visit to the nearest Vodafone Store.

    Postpaid Roaming:

    Now, you can also enjoy postpaid roaming with nominal rates, wide roaming network, unique roaming service and all roaming coverage. You will benefit from national roaming across all over India through wireless roaming connectivity that is provided with best technology. National roaming is already activated on your Vodafone and if you are planning abroad you need to get it activated by logging on online, sending SMS ACT NR to 111 toll free number. You can also do it once you call on 111 and by following the instructions. In addition, you can also pay a visit to the nearest Vodafone Store for international roaming activation by filling up a form.
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    What's up with all this?
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    Transformer I appreciate your efforts in transforming this forum but please do not post stuff which does not carry any information atall. I know you must have spent a lot of time writing all that but if you ask yourself a question that what does a visitors get to know from your post?
    You cant be working for Vodafone as I see youve been saying good things about Ariet as well... Please have mercy and only post new threads if you are sure that people reading your post wont regret the time they spent reading it. :)

    I am not dissing you its just a request and I sincerly appreciate your efforts that youve been putting in relegiously ever since you became a member.

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