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    If you have any complaint against any vodafone associate/ executive/ agency then you have full rights to voice your concern or file a formal complaint against it to Vodafone.

    As a customer you need to follow some guidelines and as an organisation Vodafone need to document and resolve/satisfy your problem/query in specified timelines.

    There are few steps of complaint process
    1. Voice your concern to Vodafone Executive: For this you can simply call 111 from your vodafone mobile or 9811098110 from any other mobile or landline (for delhi) if you don't find any resolution from this then you can go to the second step of escalation
    2. Floor Supervisor/ Team Leader: Voice to complaint to supervisor available on shift and take the reference/ complaint number with name of supervisor, still if you are not satisfied with the resolution provided or you don't get any meaningful answers from floor supervisor then proceed to third level of escalation.
    3. Nodal Officer: you can write or call your Regional Nodal Officer anytime during work hours. If you don't response from Nodal Officer too or if you don't feel satisfied with Nodal officer's response then you can approach
    4. Appellate Authority: This is the last step for Internal escalation of your complaint but still if Appellate Authority fails to provide you correct resolution then you can walk upto consumer court else TRAI can help you for same.

    If you need contact details of your Nodal Officer or Appellate Authority then please check vodafone.in otherwise you can post here and we will try to provider you all available details after searching vodfone portal :)
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    Vodafone Hidden charges to the Postpaid customer

    My worst experience began with Vodafone when I firstly activated my mobile connect services on 4 June 2008 on my existing number. After making a request to activate it I realized its too costly as compared to the free wi fi connectivity on my iphone, so, I wanted to deactivate it. Vodafone follows a procedure to activate or deactivate the services by messages. I sent a message to deactivate it but never got a confirmation. Then I called customer care to deactivate. They said it has been deactivated. My bad experiences with Vodafone underlines:
    1. So I called to confirm it and got a respond that due to some technical problem you haven’t deactivated it before but we will do it now manually and not by an sms. Then I never checked it whether it was deactivated or not.
    2. I was on the scheme to get the bill on my mails, which mind it, they never send me.
    3. Then When on 28 November, I call customer care centre to ask for my bills to be send for the last 4 months, what I see there is Mobile connect charges on me every month. (I have activated for 199 plan, and on the rocks they were charging me 499 every month.) Firstly they never send you a bill on your mails and then they over charge you on the services you have already deactivated. But now when I have asked the bills and have the records of the Last 6 months in which I was charged unnecessarily the amount every month, you are not cooperating with me.
    Besides being an old customer of Vodafone, I am a member of Consumer court under the act Consumer Protection 1986.

    I think you would be concerned and take the immediate actions for it.

    Reference number: 1384006470, 1386858906, 1386856480, 138971988, 1393783506, 1392703088, 1392733790, 138971988.

    Moreover when I talked to the senior executive at 111, name Sandeep, he told me that my problem will be solved. And for that matter I said I will wait to pay the bill of November so that I can get the refund.

    Current Status; they say I won’t get any reversals.

    Please I would like to say the concerned authority that they should take some serious steps.
  3. SmoothVibes

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    I agree that vodafone tries to play such practical jokes, i suggest you to send a mail to nodal officer and ask for a feedback.
    If you don't get a satisfactory reply from him then please post here, we do have some more escalation points and don't worry about your money you will get a good reversal :)
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    Complaints on Vodafone services

    We have been facing problems in getting our tariff plans changed in Vodafone. Ours is a corporate account and as per the discussion with customer care we had instructed Vodafone to make the necessary changes. However even after repeated follow-ups thru mail and direct discussion with customer care no action has been taken till date. Last week we had written to the team leader who probably is not inetersted in getting our plans changed as this is the most expensive plan provided by Vodafone.

    As per the advice on this website we have escalated the issue to the nodal officer as per the list available on the web. Pls. let us know the further course of action to take care of this situation.

    We are enclosing the communications sent by us to Vodafone. Pls. advise.

    best regards

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  5. Admin

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    If it is possible to switch service provider then go for it dont even think twice as these guys have been treating you like dirt. Its nothing new all our desi companies do the same... and you probbably do the same with your customers as well... This unfair treatment and harrasment has now become a part of our culture and I dont see it going away unless our laws are made strict and more importantly their enforcement is made faster and better.

    Switch if you can and if not just give them a call saying you would like to terminate all the accounts you have with them and they will ask you if they can do something to keep you with them... express your conscerns there and you will get instant gratification :)

    Get everything in paper though coz these bitches go back on their words more often then not... Ive had this crap from Airtel before so I know from my own experience that what these idiots say over the phone doesnt have any weight atall as they would go to any extent to make their own stats look better and screw the customer in the process.
  6. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    i asked them to terminate my connection as i have billing issue with vodafone and they asked me to pay the complete bill amount in vodafone store to terminate my connection, this time in addition i have stopped payment of all the 6 vodafone numbers which are on my name and now i am waiting for them to say something coz they never tried to take any action to solve my issue, once they do anything strange then i will file a complaint in consumer court.

    I have all the complaint numbers with me along with the name of sup and agents of vodafone.

    I have already called them about 30-35 times and vodafone sups never try to call me back may be they think i am very polite and sarcastic or something :)

    Last time i educated one of the vodafone sup about our forum and asked him to check so many sweet comments about the vodafone services and all :D
  7. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Everyone

    Please note the new contact Details of Vodafone, now there is a new Nodal office for Vodafone Delhi, gurpreet is not the nodal officer anymore and new nodal contact details are here.

    Manager Customer Service
    Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited, C 48, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi 110 020
    Email: vodafonecare.del@vodafone.com
    Fax: 9811098114/9811000009

    Nodal Officer Details
    Name: Nidhi Seda
    Address: Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited, C 48, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi 110 020
    Phone: +91 9811699317
    Fax: 9811000009/98110 98114
    Email: nidhi.nodal@vodafone.com

    Appellate Authority
    Name: Sanjay Sawhney
    Address: Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited, C-48, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi - 110 020
    Phone: +91-9811090001
    Fax: 9811000009/98110 98114
    Email: sanjays.delhi@vodafone.com

    all these details are available on official Vodafone Website Vodafone Mobile Services India
    as on 4 Febuary 2009
  8. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    Thanks for all the info on this thread :)
  9. Gary4gar

    Gary4gar New Member

    They charge mostly on stupid VAS services. just press *123*43# XXXX service is activated and Rs.xx gone

    No confirmation or nothing
  10. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    True i did the same a few days back and now my balance reads -54/- in my Vodafone prepaid!! :p
  11. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    how much was it earlier ? :p
  12. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    My balance before this misfortune was 16/-. I got this spare sim as complimentary from Vodafone. It had two year validity associated with it. So i keep on topping it up at regular intervals to call the buddies who are still with Vodafone.
  13. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    ooo... thats sad ... i dont think that sim is worth recharging again ... you should get a new one instead ... :)
  14. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Of course. They have promptly disabled the incoming facility in the sim. Hence no use of it. Am satisfied with my Reliance GSM + CDMA connections as of now !!
  15. Gary4gar

    Gary4gar New Member

    In our place Reliance GSM sucks big time, as their network is most congested. to make a call, you have try atleast 4-5times.

    This is due to their Price Penetration strategies that Quality of Service takes a big hit
  16. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    No such problems for me with my Reliance GSM. I had taken the sim from a nearby shop and as of today i am facing no major problems with the network. Complete paisa vasool :)
  17. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    yes ... reliance service specially its network is lot more improved now a days ..
  18. sjstays

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    IF u ask for a supervisor, the agent puts the call in hold and chances are very less u will get a supervisor/manager as the line seems to get disconencted.
  19. ashraf_r

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    Vlidity Expire

    Dear Sanjay,
    I am using Vodafone Since 2005.But today i am listing call from Vodafone that my Vodafone Validity Expire Today,But I have rechanrge Rs.99-/- in May 2008. for Life Time.I don't know why is my number validity expire today.I am using every month minumum 2000-/- STD.Call.I am continue recharching amount.I know a lots of competition in market.I will not pay Rs.99-/- again for Validity,if You are helping please my number validity extend.I hope you don't loose your valuable customer.I am waiting Your Good Response.Please secure my number for continue.
    Warm Regards
    Ashraf Rahmani

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    - just4kix
  20. Unregistered

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    my problem solved......

    i had some problem with Vodafone (used to get ECS for some amount after canceling my number also)..... and it is resolved at Nodal Officer level..... and thanks for this post.
    Thanks for the "smoothvibes" for the detailed escalation process....

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