Vodafone 3G Datacard K3570Z is unlocked

Discussion in 'Mobile broadband' started by bcdxer, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. bcdxer

    bcdxer New Member

    Vodafone Datacard K3570Z is supplied with unlocked condition.
    This means you can use it for any other networks your area.
    But you cannot use the bundled VMC software came with data card.
  2. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    have you used Vodaphone data stick in Kovai for BSNL 3G/Voda 3g /Aircel 3g?

    Is it easy to use for other 3G providers with out their VMC software ?
    Kindly post speedtest reviews.

    Ok.Just saw your post under Aircel that you are using Voda un locked stick for Airtel 3g.
    If you can -post how you bye pass Voda's VMC software and browse using other 3 G sims.
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  3. bcdxer

    bcdxer New Member

    1.remove voda sim and replace with other 3g sim
    2.use '3 Mobile Broadband' or ZTE software instead of Voda's VMC.
    3.you need to add apn settings manually for other networks.
    4.Don't use Voda's VMC (It always shows other sim are invalid)
  4. anilrgowda

    anilrgowda New Member

    even i was looking for the info
  5. gourab639

    gourab639 New Member

    Using windows 7 is the easiest way to use vodafone k3570-z modem for other operators. just plug the modem and windows 7 will automatically install the modem. then just try to connect and it will prompt for APN. write it down.. that's it.. you will be connected
  6. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Voda stick is indeed un locked.Since it is max 3.6 mbps gives up to 3.2 mbps when used with vodaphone (under trial.free 3 g for gprs packs ends soon)
    Otherwise working as a good substitute player fielding for our injured ( speed capped) BSNL 3 g sim.
    Long hours in the field ok with out getting heated .(plugged always on and and the notebook is in sleep mode when not used :))
  7. rameshbr77

    rameshbr77 New Member

    vodafone k 3570z

    hello guzs plz tel me how to use vodafone k 3570z in windows xp i recently unlocked it i dont knw how to use in xp plz suggest me step by step to my id :
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  8. chirag.raval28

    chirag.raval28 New Member

    How to unlock my k3570-z vodafone usb data card

    hi.....any one knows how to unlock vodafone usb data card model no. K3570-Z

    Imei no. 359592039976413

    s/n. 320B101486F9

    plz send me unlock code and how to unlock data card for uses of all other cards like DOCOMO, AIRTEL IDEA AIRCEL RELIANCE I can use in my this modem


    replay soon
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  9. tgvaghela

    tgvaghela New Member

    unlock vodafone usb

    my vodafone usb k3570-z imei no:- want to unlock and want procedur for unlocke the stick plz. tell me
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