Vodafone 2G and 3G download speed.

Discussion in 'Vodafone 3G' started by jeyan10, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. jeyan10

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    I am planning to get a high end equipped handset like an IPhone or Galaxy-s from Samsung.

    I am using a Vodafone postpaid connection now.
    The main reason I am getting an expensive handset is for downloading from the internet. I will at least be downloading about 20 GB files per month.

    As far as I heard , 2G from Vodafone has an unlimited plan for Rs 599/-.
    I want to know whether the speed will be worth for the download I tend to do if I go for 2G.

    With regard to the 3G plan from Vodafone, there is no unlimited plan released yet and they charge about 1250/- for 5GB download and I am sure that the speed would be good, but paying 1,250/- for 3G for just 5GB does not seem worth cause I can get a broadband phone connection from some other provider, connect to my computer and get an unlimited connection for just Rs.750/-

    So can any one please suggest me as what sort of plan can I go for if I get a high end phone, so that I can download video, audio or any other file format
    for abt 20GB a month with a good speed from Vodafone alone.

    Thanks and Regards
  2. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    vodafone 2G -speed 20-25 KBPS.

    vodafone 3G- 2 to 5 MBPS.
    20 gb download in 3G eiether thro 3G phone or data card -> Rs 3000
    Rs 599-2G @ 20 KBs -you are free to download 24x7 x30 days @ 20 KBPS!!!:D

    If your main intention is to download a lot,buy a GSM 7.2 mbps data card less than Rs 1750.
    wasting Rs 8-30k phone on serious downloading will ruin the phone.
    I do use connect my Rs 25k android phone (7.2 mbps)to notebook/pc up to 4-6 hours for 3G download/browsing but not every day.
  3. vishnu

    vishnu Member

    can u suggest me one GSM stick?
  4. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    If you are comfortable to buy on line you can buy any one of these 7.2 mbps cards (unlocked)
    1.Huawei E1732 (Idea logo) less than Rs 1350 from ebay
    2.Huawei E 173 from many online stores @ 1400-1700
    3.Huawei E175o around Rs 1400-1700

    If you dont want to buy online you try whether you can get unlocked versions of the above three in street shops (not always) or

    1.Buy from vodafone itself 3670Z (7.2 mbps card) {dont buy 3.6 mbps model 3570z)
    (It will be locked but since you are using voda itself ,you can worry how to unlock it later)
    2.Tata docomo cards are mostly unlocked I think MF 631 (7.2 mbps)
    3.Reliance GSM (not CDMA netsetter) 7.2 mbps if available in your area check locked or unlocked.
    4.Aircel branded Huawei E1750 can easily be unlocked.

    If you dont want to bother with unlocking yourself go with voda 7.2 mbps card from voda showroom (locked) or buy from ebay /flipkart/letsbuy/unlocked card.:rolleyes:

    Since you want to go 3G post paid ,be prepared for shocker bills and endless hours of talking to customer service about inflated bills etc.

    Also get headache ,Blood Pressure,calmpose etc medicines before you sign on postpaid data pack!:D

  5. shelpin83

    shelpin83 New Member

    Where are your speeds Vodafone?

    Im facing bad speeds just like earlier (when vodafone started 3G services in India. It kinda sucks to pay 850 rupees a month for just data and not even get cable speeds (forget 3G). I am tethering the internet from my HTC Hd7.. speeds are pathetic

    I live in Dadar (East) and the speeds i get are pathetic

    Download : 0.22 Mbps
    Upload : 1.78 Mbps

    i think il opt for Reliance next month.. my friend uses their services and he never gets anything below 700kbps download.

    After opting out earlier and switching to Vodafone's edge services (simply because speeds were nowhere close to 3g) i have now again applied for a 3gb data package (thinking that things must have changed).. But it does not seem worth thanks to the fluctuating speeds.

    Vodafone do you have an answer?:mad:

    I have even added WWW in the apn settings.
  6. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Vodafone care- Humour

    dear suffering vodafone customer
    with out checking signal strength in your home with a pre paid sim+ small 3G charge, you are willing to pay us blindly rs 850 higher 3G pre paid pack /or post paid.....and expect wonders!!
    you are too generous and trusting and we need people like you othewrwise we will go out of business.:D
    vodafone 3G does give 2-5 mbps in some places but maybe not in your home.
    Kindly continue the donation and complain in forums but dont stop and get another postpaid from our chor cousin Reliance. He is just the same like us. Then you will come back to us running port/de port every two months!:D
  7. shelpin83

    shelpin83 New Member


    LOL.. yep the odd thing was the day it got activated,, i got a good 4.16 mbps speed. the next day it started to dwindle.. and yes i did take a speed test from the same location in my house. When will we find a good wireless data provider.. god alone knows. Im thinking of prepaid reliance but their talk plans are not that great. :(
  8. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Just pulling your leg. that's all.
    I try not to combine voice and data usage.
    I have a permanent dual sim phone which carrys one sim for work and another for family.
    I have a seperate android Nexus-S phone (plus 2 or 3 GSM data cards too) for 3G sim which I use for mail,twitter,browsing and all smart phone applications( jaxtr free sms too!

    pre paid 3G sim keeps changing as per special deals but voice no dont change ever. no port or deport business ever!!:rolleyes:

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