Violation of Do no Disturb (DND) service by aircel

Discussion in 'Aircel Mobile' started by kartikoli, May 31, 2010.

  1. kartikoli

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    i have opted for DND service but now i still receive promotional calls , called up customercare and they confirmed that the service is activated on my no.

    is there any action which a customer can take against them as trai has already issued a hefty penalty for violation of the rules

    for the past 3 months i had an nightmarish experience with them ... after every 3-4 day they activate any service (value added service) and deduct the amount

    previously i used to have balance always in excess of Rs.200 but now i keep my balance with in Rs.10 in order to avoid balance deduction

    please tell me is there any legal action which i can take against them as i am sick by these false tactic by these @ssholes (sorry for the bad language used)
    i cant change my no. as its way too important for me now

    please help
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    [/quote]i cant change my no. as its way too important for me [/quote] number portability ( You retain present number but change your Service Provider say from Aircel to BSNL /AIRTEL etc for a nominal charge. )
    Watch local newspaper/s.

    With Mobile number portability to start today,(* Nov 25th 2010) here’s how you can shift from your current service provider to a new one.

    Send an SMS from your phone to 1900. Your present company will reply with a unique porting code. Use that code while filling out a detailed form for the company you want to shift to. Within 48 hours, that company will take over all your cell services. The fee charge may cost you about Rs 19.

    Your cell number will be switched off for only one hour. All bills after that are paid to your new company. You’ll be stuck with them for at least 50 days before you can shift again, so choose with care. While you can shift from a GSM service to CDMA or vice versa, you cannot shift from one state to another.

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