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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Amitava, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Amitava

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    I am not able to view my telephone call details from BSNLweb site. My telephone jurisdiction is Calcutta SSA of Bsnl, west bengal cirrcle. There is option for viewing call details of calcutta ssa on line , but that page never opens. I may get the call details from the related customer care unit, but they usually take 20/30 days to communicate. How to sort out the matter ?
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    if you are under calcutta telecom circle (nt sure what you meant by ssa), then you can easily view it here. Also, if you opt for get bills in email option within your account through the above link, then bsnl does sent a page link of call details in your email. you will receive separate emails for your bill & call details. bill comes first & call details take some 2-3 more days to come...
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    SSA = Secondary Switching Area

    BSNL Telecom Circles are further divided into SSAs for administrative purpose. Normally each district head quarter host the head office of a particular SSA.
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    ok well it made me bit confused... because in WB there are two telecom circle.. Calcutta & west bengal (doesn't cover area under Calcutta)
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    oh, news to me. Thanks for the info :)
  6. Amitava

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    But what should I do now to have the call details ?

    Yes, The area not covered by Calcutta telephones comes under Calcutta SSA. In BSNL west bengal circle web site there is a page to view on line call details of Calcutta SSA. The problem is that you can never navigate to that page.
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    No idea whether you will get details of all Local/STD/International calls you made in these links. Along with Bill details.

    For checking bill etc see this.presume you have registered in either site.

    For Chennai ( different to Rest of Tamil Nadu)
    see attachment.
    Total calls calls free calls chargeable calls shown.
    List of calls (STD/LOCAL/ISD not available )

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    You can view all call details (Local,STD,ISD) at the selfcare portal.


    Just register there and you're done.

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