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    Videocon's DTH service will be called Videocon D2H like every other DTH service provider they have tried to pump in a bit of uniqueness into their branding... irtel dth is called Digital tv by airtel, Reliance calles it big tv and Tata calls it tata sky and dish tv and now we have Videocon D2H on its way.

    We now have a lot of dth operators now but the prices dont seem to drop just yet.. I would love to see some competetion and price cuts to get more customers by these dth providers and I guess Videocon will bell the cat as none of the others dropped their prices not even the new entrants like Airtel who have got miles to go before they can call them a dth service provider at par with tata sky and dish tv.

    Once the market saturates a bit these operators will start cutting prices to get a bigger share of the market.All hopes on Videocon D2H for now.
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    Was kind of happy when TATA started DTH service. Hoping a little competition will be good for Dish TV. But this is too much. :surrender:
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    Videocon d2h informations leaked

    Hello, all I was recently looking for more Videocon d2h updates and got this blog at which have lots of details about videocon d2h.

    Don't know about the blogger but this is seriously amazing as he have all the details of new offers and packages before the actual launch. :confused:
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    I wanted to switch to dth service but unable to decide the service provider as so many service providers are available in the market. When I saw advt on television it says pay for what you choose but most of the providers are giving the whole bundle of channels which even you don't want to watch and at the end of the month you have to pay for those channels which even you don't know. DTH services should give option to the subscriber to choose the channels as per their wish or requirement and make them pay only for those channels.

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