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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by well.wisher222, May 6, 2008.

  1. well.wisher222

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    hello friends,
    i have bsnl broadband connection with utstarcom modem wa3002g4. i want to configure my modem to autometic mode to connect my htc wifi phone but i was unable to open the configraton page of modem i.e i have tried by changing the ip in TCP/IP settings of modem properties but all my attempts failed. i have tried ping –c 8 through RUN but the DOS just flikered and gone. can anyone here tell me how to open confi page of modem and how to configure PPPOe to connect htc wifi phone.
  2. just4kix

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  3. well.wisher222

    well.wisher222 New Member

    i said i was unable to open then what is use of u'r link
  4. superprash2003

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    go to the command prompt(start->run and type cmd).. and type ipconfig and post output here..a screenshot would do..
  5. well.wisher222

    well.wisher222 New Member

    the screen is

    Window ip configuration

    Ethernet adapter wirless network connection 2:

    connection-specific DNS suffix-------:
    IP Address--------------------------:
    subnet mask------------------------:
    Default Gateway--------------------:

    PPP adapter dataone 2:

    connection-specific DNS suffix.:
    IP Address--------------------------:
    subnet Mask------------------------:
    Default Gateway---------------------:

    i request u to answer soon
  6. player

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    try typing .......if this doesnt work just check this ,your modem must be detected by your computer in "my network places",if it is not being detected then you cant open your routers config. page

    also try to change your ip address in control panel

    ip address:192.168.1.(any number b/w 2 to 254)
    subnet mask:
    default gateway:
    primary dns:

    and also please tell how are you connected to your modem
  7. whitestar_999

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    your IP address must be 192.168.1.x where x can be any no. between 3-254(if connected through USB) or 2-254(if connected through LAN) & your gateway must be the home page address of modem which is by default for almost all modems/routers.once you open the modem configuration page go to connection settings & just change the connection type/protocol from bridging to pppoe with rest of the values same.you will be asked to enter your bsnl username/password & after entering it will be stored in modem & will be used by modem to connect whenever you turn on modem.also enable DHCP in modem.
  8. trueblue

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    I have a UTSTARCOM modem model no.Ut300R2U on a dataone connection.Is it possible to change the NAT Config on this modem type. If so , how??Also i tried visiting the page and it requests a user name and a password to access the page. Is the username and password the same as my dataone username and password?
  9. spice3boy

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    the default username and password for modem would be

    username - admin
    password - admin


    password - password
  10. essbebe

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    1. User Name is admin and password admin or password .
    Please Try

    2. In New model usually, in Advanced
    only DMZ is available.
    Post screenshot of Device status.


    3.If you use a dialer all ports are open. Use Anti Virus
    and Firewall programs.

    4. Download guide given below. for reference .




    Further Reading :
  11. trueblue

    trueblue New Member

    Thanks a lot.. :D .. that was very useful
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  13. mnsailesh

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    iam not able open
  14. Unregistered

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    i have also the same problem with this modem..not able to open i can connect to net after dialing..how can i acces to modem config..?i saw that netbios over tcp ip is disable..

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