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  1. synergix123

    synergix123 New Member

    HI ,
    i had purchased bsnl 3g sim which has good speeds on my mobile but i want to know whether i can use my bsnl 3g sim on a usb modem and if yes which is the best modem for great speeds .please help....:confused::confused::confused:
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Nowadays Micromax 300mx series modems are selling like hot cakes. i have one... use them..

    will cost you for Rs. 2300-2500/- depending on features...

    for example i have 310G modem which supports HSDPA and 180 kbps upload speed.
  3. synergix123

    synergix123 New Member

    thnx mickey but ,what about huwaei e1750 is it better than micromax that u suggested? and i hav read somewhere that bsnl3g simcard doesnt work with huwaei e1750????
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    my friend had an opposite experience with huaewei modem..

    i am not sure if he was using it with BSNL( of what i remember, it was locked with airtel or idea or something).. so that means he might had tweaked it for bsnl..

    he always got rocket speeds with it.. and no downs no discs.. it was looking better.. and was also cheaper i think, in the retail...

    btw, if you want to browse with speed and dont want to recharge like 1150 Rs. per month, i will like to tell you to have a 2G sim for internet..

    its cheaper for UL..
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  5. ykhehra1

    ykhehra1 New Member

    Can you please elaborate how 2G is faster!! You mean we can get 3G connection with 2G SIM?
  6. mickey

    mickey New Member

    yes my 2g sim is giving me HSDPA.. . i took HSDPA/3G manually.. and it gave,, i havent transformed my prepaid 2G sim to 3G
  7. ykhehra1

    ykhehra1 New Member

    Please explain all procedure. I am visiting India for 3months next week. Which GSM & DATA plan I should buy etc. Thanks for your quick reply
  8. mickey

    mickey New Member

    I am using BSNL 2G sim card.(I have not changed my plan to 3G.)
    Rs. 274/- per month UL internet, with speeds about 2.8 mbps in night and around 1.5 mbps day..

    In the usb modem's connection manager (pc suite of Micromax modem), there is option of choosing the network mode, ie. under settings>>network mode>>HSDPA/UMTS only. (I choose this-where second option is EDGE/GPRS only).

    Now i connect, i am also using Google's dns i.e and for more speedier access.

    Acknowledge if you are satisfied with the answer or have further queries.


    274/- per month Unlimited.
    Rs. 555/- 180 days, 6GB limit. (1GB DAY TIME ACCESS-5GB NIGHT)
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  9. ykhehra1

    ykhehra1 New Member

    Thanks, its G8, but I want to use it on cell phone and tethering to laptop through my cell phone. I have HTC HD2 and Nokia 5800 capable of HSDPA & HSUPA. I wonder if I can use above trick on my phone!
  10. mickey

    mickey New Member

    you can go into your settings. and change network to UMTS or 2100 mhz..



    Try searching this phrase in Google.

    Network Switcher v1.01 S60v3/v5 - 3G / GSM / UMTS English

    its an S60 application for Nokia 5800 which will enable you switching between default to dual network mode(UMTS as you need for HSDPA)
    And please i neither take credits or accountability for any bugs with what I told here..
    This is like happening with my 2G sim when I tried it on Samsung L700 3G..
    That phone has no HSDPA, and it was giving downloads at 3G rates even when my sim was Prepaid 2G.. My phone as default is on Quadband network mode..

    So it will check all networks available..

    Now if BSNL doesn't know of this flaw, or its a deliberate act. I dont care.
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  11. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

    did you mean 180 kilo bytes or 180 kilobits.

    if 180 kilobytes then its 1.5Mbps.
  12. r.dyp

    r.dyp Member

    I am using ZTE MF 190 - 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76Mbps HSUPA , branded as Beetel MF190! it is good and open to all GSM SIM !
  13. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Download speed maximum 3.6Mbps. Upload speed maximum 384Kbps .........

    Micromax Mobile : 310G

  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    how much is the cost bro??
  15. raulger

    raulger New Member

    hi Mickey, i have micromax 310g hspa modem and i chose "hspa/umps only" in the network mode and i am using bsnl connection ( Rs 274 Plan ) but when i download anything then it downloads at the speed of 25 kbps - 30 kbps only......whyzzz dat.....?????plzzz help!!!!
  16. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    micromax 310g modem

    Hi mickey -how much you paid gor this modem ?
  17. mallesh5v

    mallesh5v New Member

    Even i'm gettin the same speed of around 30kbps.
    Is it because of 2G to 3G conversion?
  18. r.dyp

    r.dyp Member

    when you recharge with UL 2G GPRS pack, speed on that no. will be capped to 2G !! even netwrk set to UMTS will not work!
  19. mallesh5v

    mallesh5v New Member

    can u pls elaborate wat is difference between UMTS and HSDPA?
  20. gsgoldy11

    gsgoldy11 New Member

    bsnl sim card settings for usb sim card modem

    can anyone tell the settings of bsnl; for the 'usb sim card modem'.......... I have "USB Sim Card Modem" of beetel.. but its not getting connected after filling the mobile number and access point as 'bsnlnet'.... pls help

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