user name and password for reliance netconnect ?

Discussion in 'Reliance Netconnect' started by ankyy, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. ankyy

    ankyy New Member

    whats the username and password for netcoonect plus? is it same everywhere or varies??

    i booked the netconnect online on sunday at about 1pm n the head guy from delhi office called ,gave me his personal number and said i would get the device by 6pm , which i got ... till this time he was very much involved, calling and asking address...

    but i had to wait for it to get activated,,, it got activated monday night,,, but now when i connect it has it cant get connected cause of wrong user name and password,,, that person has his cell switched off now ... from where am i supposed to get the user name and password ??
  2. rajimajestic

    rajimajestic New Member

    pls recharge your account, then u connet to the internet :)
  3. chaitu4c0

    chaitu4c0 New Member

    On the net connect application, open steeings and press the edit option on right side of the window, then enter MDN no which is on U R modem box with out "0" in front of 10 digit number in place of both USERNAME & PASSWORD. Save and try to connect, It will work

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