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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by mahesh5230, May 31, 2010.

  1. mahesh5230

    mahesh5230 New Member

    Hai guys, I am mahesh. I have nokia 5230 which is 3.5g enabled phone which supports speed upto 3.1Mbps. It has class 32 edge. I have reliance sim. It supports edge in my area(Erode, TamilNadu). Reliance has 2 unlimited plans.
    1. Recharge with 26 rupees you get unlimited internet for 3 days.
    2. Recharge with 107 rupees you get unlimited internet for 14 days.
    I am getting download speeds upto 20 kBps(160kbps) at day time. At night, the speeds are upto 27kBps(216Kbps).
    I use the phone as a modem for computer and i am enjoying cheap and best way of using internet.
    (I read several people paying upto 700 rupees for broad band connection and getting similar speeds. MY advice is use phone as modem and enjoy best browsing )
    IMPORTANT: The speed of the phone modem depends on your phone model.
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    The speed you are getting is good. The problem with Phone as modem is that you won't be able to receive calls while it is acting as modem. Also you won't be able to use it continuously for say 5 hours due to heating problems. Otherwise for casual browsing, it is a good choice. But most of us here use internet heavily.
  3. mahesh5230

    mahesh5230 New Member

    I am using this sim card only for internet. I did not have to worry about missing calls or messages. Your second point about heating issue. My answer is that my phone doesn't get too heated and it is managable.
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i am also using this technique to get internet when broadband is not present in reach...

    the only dislike maybe battery taxing, and fluctuation of speeds as based on airborne network.
  5. Rcom

    Rcom Guest

    In Delhi i'm getting 28-32 kBps DL rate on Reliance Gsm but its not unlimited they have 2.5 gb cap.
  6. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    I also have Nokia 5235 that has 3.5 g but there is no unlimited plan for 3g only for 2.5g in MTNL

    but this is not applicable in big cities like mumbai(or bombay doesnt matter)
    because here there are many EDGE users here and the speed hardly goes over 9kBps=72kbps

    Dude, you can never compare a broadband connection with mobile internet

    Mobile internet is supposed to be used when Broadband isnt present or when it fails

    You can never keep mobile internet on till you download 32gb of friends episodes :p

    But your idea is good for those who only use net for checking mail,fb ,etc
  7. bonda

    bonda New Member

    HTC Mobiles are best when it comes to use Mobile as Modem..
    just plug the Phone and sync using Active Sync..
    Thats it...

    Use your Pc internet connection on Phone or use Mobile internet connection on PC..

    I use Bluetooth to SYNC mobile and my brother will use the PC for some Internet work and in the mean time i will use my Mobile to browse wap sites or watch youtube videos...
  8. wani

    wani Member

    Man you are quite wrong.For casual browsing mobile net may be OK, but not for heavy downloads;which is the primary use of most of members here.Also remember mobile net is never consistent, it fluctuates within minutes.
  9. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    I totally agree
    I use my mobile MTNL 3g only when my broadband crashes
  10. Aman27deep

    Aman27deep New Member

    Why don't you do a speedtest and show us the result ^^
  11. Shankara

    Shankara New Member

    @Wani: If you were given a choice to browse unlimited internet in phone for a cheap price, let's say like below 100, you should never find to address any faults in the service instead you must find yourself to be happy with the service you have been offered. I do agree with your point that the connection fluctuates, but at the end of day I ll be half as happy as the one who has afford to pay 499, 799 Rs plans...Therefore, accessing internet via mobile modem is the cheapest way to browse and even sometimes to watch youtube videos during night... (Never take anything to your heart as the above statement wasn't meant to hurt you...:) )

    Guys, I have recently heard about the T Mobile USB instrument from Huawei which is basically an unlocked device that it supports any SIM card in it and can be plugged and used in a computer to experiance cruising speed internet connection... The device costs 2700 bugs.. youtube videos can be seen at a minimum speed of 600 kbps + to 3 MBPS... This is damn true... I witnessed this with my friend who tested it... SIM service being used was Docomo.

    Note: Often you may experiance some poor connection gaps during the session so bear this in your mind before you make any decision.... this happens often while browsing pages... (0 kbps :)) However this will never happen while watching youtube videos...

    Its just an FYI as I just thought that to throw this out for your consideration.. :)
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  12. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    I am having experience of using BSNL GPRS/EDGE, Airtel GPRS/EDGE. a STV of Rs 98 give 2GB download with one month validity. Again I used BSNL Broadband Plan 750(earlier one with 256Kbps) Plan 1350 (earlier one with 512Kbps) Plan 500C+ (2Mbps with NU) and Plan Speedcombo -2799(8Mbps). Again in CDMA sector I used Photon + and EVDO. Now I am having experience in BSNL 3G with 3.6Mbps Phone.

    My best net experince is BSNL 500c+ connection as 8Mbps connection gives better download speed, nearly 930KB/s but I do not know why the surfing is slow. In case of Wireless service (like 2G, 3G, CDMA/HSIA) the speed is very much fluctuating and specifically GPRS/EDGE can not suffice my purpose.

    This is for information only...
  13. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Most of the mobiles i have till now, all of them have EDGE CLASS 12 modems inbuilt.. except the Intex iSmart which has class 10 Gprs.. but its also working.. (and it has a webcam; was fun :) )..

    {Some friend at the sister-in-law-for-namesake forum told me of a jar software that turns on webcam through bluetooth, will check this too) }

    coming back to the point, .. I used all kinds of usb modems till date....i hate net on the lines.. so this wireless stuff is for me..

    i want to ask some researching guy over here, that i own a broken body Nokia 3110 mobile.. should i add a self-made antenna as shown all over the internet?? isnt it harmful, as touching the inbuilt-ant is itself hazardious??

    please throw some light.. i am blind in dark.. :D
  14. Shankara

    Shankara New Member

    Sure it does... It would either harm your mobile or your system and you will soon realize this as you use it. I don't think its good idea though.
  15. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

    using the phone modem for long hours on computer will affect your mobile battery
  16. mickey

    mickey New Member

    yes... what should one do??

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