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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by pnjani, May 27, 2011.

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    I am planning to buy Only BSNL 3G USB Dongle Internet. The 7.2 Mpbs Speed Dongle cost Rs 2500/- plus Sim Rs 55 and activation Rs 51.

    My requirements which are that I am not going to use it daily. I have BB connections of BSNL at my home and office too. I will use this USB Internet only when I am on the move in car or train or flight.

    Thus I may use 2 to 3 days in January then 04 days in Feb, 01 day in March, 00 Nil days in April, Nil 00 Days in May, 06 days in June, 11 Days in July, 00 Nil days in Aug, 05 Days in Sept, 00Days Nil days in Oct, 00 Nil days in Nov, 01 Day in Dec........Like this my uses will be.

    Now I want a plan which should have validity period Nil. Means when limit in MB or GB finish then I will recharge for another more MB or GB.

    Visited BSNL office but nobody is able to explain the correct plan for my requirements. Rather say that BSNL staff is not much acquainted with the latest developments and plans of various schemes.

    Visited BSNL site and there is a plan of Rs 197/- with 500 MB data usage and validity Nil. I had showed them these so they told that this is only possible if you have any of the plan and only this plan is not possible. I feel perhaps they do not know or not fully augmented with all the plans.

    Will some body fut focus on these matter and will suggest a suitable plan as per my requirements as mentioned above.

    As told earlier I have BSNL BB connections at Home and office, i do not wants to spend much. I wanted to spent minimum to minimum on data card with unlimited validity and if usage completes it can be recharged.

    Expected a suggestion or advise from all of you and I express my thanks all in advance who soever spend a time and make my data card requirements fulfilled.
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    270/- 3G plan.. 6GB
  4. dear,
    i want to buy bsnl 3g net connector in prepaid. i am not regular user so i want sutaible plan details including prize of that device.
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