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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by riyasharma, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. riyasharma

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    i have a bsnl 2g normal sim and i am from Bangalore. i simply want to use the GPRS on my GPRS enabled handset.. I have the settings and browsed few site.

    they are cutting 5 paisa / 10 KB. Which is normal.

    But, few of my friends in bengal use bsnl 2G gprs unlimited by recharging 274 rupees..

    I also want this. So i called the Cust Care (3 times).

    The first executive said that there is only one unlimited plan for 2999, one month validity.

    The second executive said that there is only one plan for unlimited gprs plan of 590 rupees, one month validity.

    The third executive said there is no unlimited plan right now for 2g GPRS.

    BUT, in the official site of BSNL (bsnl.co.in/service/tariff_cellone_option_prepaid.htm), there is an unlimited plan for GPRS for one month 274 rupees.

    Please help. Should i go and directly recharge for 274 rupees??

    Is there an one of you using this plan (274 rupees) in bangalore??

  2. HACKdown

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    If u are so addicted to bsnl unlimited gprs plan then its better you shift to bengal.
    And note i am not frm bangalore.:p
  3. meetdilip

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  4. mrbgupta

    mrbgupta New Member

    In WBTC BSNL unlimited gprs @ 175/-/month.I am using it.
  5. HACKdown

    HACKdown New Member

    Then u can send the message with full details to riya sh. she is crazy about gprs unlimited plan.
  6. mrbgupta

    mrbgupta New Member

    there is no such detail.ask the cc about the unlimited voucher mentioning present prepaid plan.then go to the retailer who does e-recharge.ask him to recharge the specific gprs voucher.that's all.
  7. HACKdown

    HACKdown New Member

    No I mean that paise/kb. She wanted to know about it. Read her thread...........
  8. mrbgupta

    mrbgupta New Member

    unlimited means unlimited.no such paise/kb.
  9. HACKdown

    HACKdown New Member

    But in her thread she has mentioned about it.....E+ to you
  10. mrbgupta

    mrbgupta New Member

    I dont think she mentioned anything of such.
  11. raj81112

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    Hey riya their is an Unlimited GPRS plan available in bsnl 2G which is of 274
    Rupees .
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  12. mickey

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    there are several gprs plans(UL ) running with bsnl 290, 274, 312, 415, 590, 600/- these people are sick... every next executive has a different answer..
  13. HACKdown

    HACKdown New Member

    We have given so many suggestions but till now no feedback from riya........
    Maybe my 1st post did the job for her:D

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