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Discussion in 'MTS MBlaze' started by manutrivedi, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. manutrivedi

    manutrivedi New Member

    Its my first post here but iam following the India Broadband forum for a long time to keep myself updated on latest plans of various ISP's. Well some month back i purchased MTS Mblaze but there a data limit in their every prepaid recharge, iam a heavy downloader, my laptop usually stay on to download a movie every night, these days iam using their night plan of Rs. 595( 10 gb ) but still very insufficient for me.... anyone have idea can they launch a unlimited plan in near future, their speed is gud iam satisfied with the service but not with their plans......
  2. sb29

    sb29 New Member

    Launched on prepaid. Check MBLAZE site for details
  3. manutrivedi

    manutrivedi New Member

    Yes i talked to customer care of MTS today, they told me Unlimited plan is launched its Rs. 999 p/m valid for 30 days, but it have a little twist which is upto 15GB download the speed will be 3.1 Mbps and after 15GB it will work at the speed of 144kbps or 1x.But i think its better than before.In future competition will make everyone to cut their priced more.

    As the new technology gets older its becomes cheaper.

    Its Happpening.
  4. Rcom

    Rcom Guest

    15GB cap is darn low considering 2.1-2.5 mbps avg downloading speed i guess how many will control themselves to not to stream youtube and download in that sort of speed.
  5. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Why don't you try BSNL EvDO ? It gives up to 3.1 Mbps speed for around Rs. 900. And it is unlimited, no FUP. All you need to do is take a demo at your place before buying.
  6. catchnames

    catchnames New Member

    Last year, I enquired in Patna.They said new connection under BSNL EVDO is discontinued.Are you sure it is available?if so Is speed really 31. Mbps??
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    you cannot achieve speeds more than 2mbps at all with bsnl evdo..
  8. ravisawalia

    ravisawalia New Member

    I waiting for this plan in some more established company like 'tata' or reliance
  9. mayflower

    mayflower New Member

    Dont think of ever going with BSNL Plans as their staff at exchanges are incapable and do not have any techincal knowledge rather than changing cables and fixing phones thats it. If you want proof checkout my post in BSNL Broadband section.
    BSNL babus are not worried about customer care and problems. I'm discontinuing BSNL and switching to MTS after trial at my residence. I'm fed up of their customer care and callous attitude for pushing the blame on each other.
  10. born2bairborne777

    born2bairborne777 New Member

    you got to understand that their service is really bad...i got an m blaze too...im supposed to get atleast 2.9 Mbps and i get .5 or less...
    im on an unlimited plan..thats 999 plan...the say unlimited but its 30gb of usage only..and you get tolerable speed only first 15 Gb...and then you get some 60kbps browsing and dowload only 10-12 max...they were supposed to resolve it ..my 30gb is almost over and they have not done anything...
  11. arjunxbhp

    arjunxbhp New Member

    Fit for nothing -mts mblaze

    Dear Forum Members, I recently got transfered to Coimbatore & got an MBlaze from MTS thinkin i would get good spped from the unlimited plan of 999/-
    Trust me , this is the worst wireless service provider,
    Why I say this:- since I never got speeds more than 250 kbps & 17 kbps in Torrents I enquired the Customer Care(the worst ppl in the world!) they sent an Signal Engineer & he said the tower is just 300 mts from my place and signal strength is upto 2.6 MBPS,
    no one even bothers to rectify the problem inspite of me mailing to all high officials & nodal officers mail id.
    Also what tey say upto 15 GB we can get upto 3.1 mbps , forget speed , they cut this bandwith way before the user has achieved 10 gb itself!
    Pl, if u value & Respect your money never go for this Mblaze wireless.

    The only advantage I got from this was, I could also download during the powercut from my laptop , this offered 3 free websites, & roaming was free .
    Also the network gets disconnected very often!, their people speak to us in such a manner that as if being a customer have to tolerate all nonsence service from the bullshit network & their in efficiencies.

    Horrible experience with them!! Ufff, now I'v booked a wired reliance connection of 600 kbps plan.(Hoping I get @ leat 80 % of what they committed)
  12. nyukeit

    nyukeit New Member

    The fair usage policy on the 999 unlimited plan has changed from 15 gb to 12 gb now!! Go check the website

    Besides, broadband in India is in a very very sorry state. Whichever ISP you decide on, you have no option but to suffer.

    Glad to inform that I have, in past, used MTNL Triband, Hathway and now Reliance Netconnect. Though not up to the mark of international standards, they have been "JUST ABOUT SATISFYING"

    I have lived for 1.5 years in Australia for studies and at our residence, we had an internet plan of 200 GB per month for AUD 80/month (INR 3200 approx), at speeds of 24 mbps. Service Provider iPrimus. Check out their website. Absolutely no downtime. No speed lags. Charming customer service and billing. Installation in flat 2 days, and up and running within no time.

    Sad to say folks, in India, the telecom sector is all about THE LOOT. I was using Vodafone 3G mobile connection on prepaid and getting AUD 150 worth of talktime + AUD 150 V2V free, all this for only AUD 29. In India, if I ask Vodafone to give Rs. 150 talktime for Rs. 29, I will be kicked out of the store!

  13. ravisawalia

    ravisawalia New Member

    looks like you have lot of experience mate
    how about MTS MBLAZE?? Whats the download speed?
  14. nyukeit

    nyukeit New Member

    Hey, I have actually just bought an Mblaze connection yesterday after suffering with Reliance's poor data plans and absurd billing! My first experience about Mblaze is that its not as fast as Reliance. Plus, I have read a lot of reviews about MTS cheating on the 15GB thing on 999 unlimited plan (i.e., people suffering low speeds before reaching the 15GB mark!)

    I have just bought this Mblaze thing as I atleast get 12 GB (its not 15 GB anymore) to play around, unlike other providers where I have no good data options. But sad to say, not very impressed with Mblaze.

    The actual essence of having a broadband connection is not having to wait for the dialogue "Looking for...". When you have an actual fast broadband, your browser will not say looking for, but say waiting for!

    I did a speed test of Mblaze on speedtest dot net and got disappointing results of only 300 kbps uplink and 70 kbps downlink. Severely pathetic as they advertise it as being 3.1 mbps (the practical closest to 3.1 mbps would be atleast 1.8 mbps). No luck! :(

    As I said, any provider, you will have to suffer.
  15. umar

    umar New Member

    now the plan is reduced to 10 gb
  16. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    Why not go for BSNL Evdo which provides unlimited for 750 only..
  17. ameyban

    ameyban New Member

    Because there is speed problem!!! I've used it once and I've lost my money!!! It was giving me the speed about 256 kbps ONLY which was also varying too much!!! Its better to go to BSNL ULD 750 .
  18. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    The speeds of EVDO depends very much on Area and the number of users connecting..
  19. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    BTW have you tried it recently??

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