Ubuntu vs Red hat linux

Discussion in 'Linux' started by dahsinmar, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. dahsinmar

    dahsinmar New Member

    What is the main difference between ubuntu and red hat linux ? for a starter pack which OS will be easier to choose for home based. Will it be easy to learn fedora than Red hat linux. Please do give me some suggestion...
  2. Nick_H

    Nick_H New Member

    I found Ubuntu 10.04 very easy to move to from Windows. The installation process has also been streamlined to make it familiar and comfortable for those used to MS (but yes, you can partition your disc by hand, if you want to). It is easy to install alongside an existing MS system too, for a dual-boot machine.

    However, anyone considering Ubuntu now should look at the current and future trends in user interface design --- which I do not approve of at all.
  3. dahsinmar

    dahsinmar New Member

    Thanks for your response
  4. manoranjan2050

    manoranjan2050 New Member

    red hat v ubuntu

    ubuntu is best os for home user .......and RedHat is Server os ...fedora is project of Redhat os and if u want to learn fedora or redhat use cent os its ezy for u....b,cos cent os is community os..
  5. lijorijo

    lijorijo New Member

    Ubuntu is debian based one. Red Hat is a server os. For a home user , ubuntu is best. i recomd ubuntu 10.10.
  6. BLADE777

    BLADE777 Member

    Hello Can Anyone please provide me the link to download the latest version REDHAT

    Thank you

  7. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    There is no free version of Red Hat available. It is very expensive (runs into thousands of dollars).
    Unless you are a company, you can't afford it.
    However, the free versions of Red Hat are called Fedora. It is available for free downloads. But beware, it is not easy to install ! It may screw up your Windows installation !
    If you want to install and test linux, Linux Mint based on Ubuntu is your best choice. It is freely avaible for download, or you can buy DVDs for a minimal amount, easy to install, easy to run, has a great forum.
    For all Linux distros, you can go to Distrowatch.com and get links from there.
  8. anuragyng

    anuragyng Banned

    Clearly the Ubuntu has advantage over Redhat of being user friendly. But i will also take a note for susestudio.com, here we can customise and download our own RPM based OS with all the dependency resolved on their server. It is easy and user friendly.

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