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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by thehost, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Suppose I dont have any landline nor any broadband connection and I opt for BSNL BBG FN 500 COMBO plan, then how much will I have to pay in total.
    This is what I've understood:
    Rs 500 for modem security + Rs250 for modem installation + Rs 250 for landline connection = Rs 1000.

    Now let's assume I apply today and get the connection on 1st of december, and my total chargeable download for the month of december is less than 1.5GB. Then the bill comes in january 2012, and I pay Rs 500 + Rs 50 for the modem i took on rent. Right? So First I need to pay Rs 1000 when applying and then Rs 550 in january. Am I correct? I will be really thankful for a yes or no answer and will deeply appreciate any explanations if I'm wrong.

    PS: Please don't assume any scenarios other than what I mentioned. Thank you in advance to whoever answer me. :)
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    i am not sure if bsnl even gives modem on rent advice is buy a modem for ~1000(TP-Link is a good choice)from can configure it easily & if you do face any problem you can get suggestions here.that way you can save some money too.

    now for your answer i too applied for a 500combo plan without land line & after paying Rs.100/200 along with application(don't remember exactly)i also paid Rs.100(unofficially)to lineman who came to install land line & phone(he asked in an indirect way & i too paid because trust me keeping the lineman on a good term is always beneficial in long run).7-8 days later the broadband guy came(usually with the agency bsnl outsourced such tasks to)& since i already had a modem & configured it he just gave me my username/password & then connected the net to see if it is working.he also dialed someone at exchange to first activate the DSL link.this is the date from which my internet connection was marked as active even though land line activated almost 10 days bill was counted as (500/31)*18(no.of days in month my connection was active). similarly data limit of 1.5gb was modified for these 18days i.e.(1.5gb/31)*18

    found my 1st bill duplicate printed copy & it was in more detail than the original bill.
    they charged me Rs.600 extra as 1 year advance balance(maybe something to do with 1st time land line connection).also date of billing is from the day my land line got activated & not the day when internet started working so modify the above calculations accordingly.
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  3. thehost

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    Thank you for trying to answer (you even dug up your first bill, omg thanks :)) but this wasn't exactly what I wanted to know. This was my initial thread
    www .
    I already got my connection last month that is why i said not to picture things I've not mentioned. Anyway I saw my bill on selfcare website and it has Rs800 more for landline and Rs750(500+250+250 -250 under some waiver scheme) more for Broadband. I think they are neglecting the 750 that I have already paid but I'm confused about the extra Rs800. Maybe800 is the equivalent of the 600 you paid? But again this is the new combo plan and i assume yours is the old one where you are supposed to choose a telephone plan too, its just fn 500 and not combo maybe? Can you please clarify if this is the plan you have www .
    ok so to summmarize the bill has an extra of Rs750 + Rs800 and the LL units say 11 but i have been charged Rs4 even though I have 175 free calls. Rs750 i have already paid and have the receipt so think maybe they will correct it but what about the extra Rs800, I took the combo plan and not the old fn 500 plan, so I htink maybe i dont need to pay advance on landline now do i?
  4. whitestar_999

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    my plan is the new 500combo.old 500FN plan had 2.5gb limit while the new 500combo plan has 1.5gb limit.i am guessing the extra 800 is indeed equivalent to the 600 i paid.rates for bsnl deposits differ from circle to circle i think.also in my 1st bill there was a charge for 14 calls at rs.14 which i think were those calls which line man 1st made from the line after its activation.i think those 14 calls were made before the internet activation date.there were 2 entries for calls for the same month:
    1.initial reading 1,final reading 32,gross call 31,free call 17,net chargeable call 14
    2.initial reading 32,final reading 117,gross call 85,free call 85,net chargeable call 0

    after getting bills of 55000,25000 & 83000 it has become a habit of mine to place all bsnl bills in an orderly manner so any bill can be found out in minutes :)
  5. thehost

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    bill of 83000 :eek::eek::eek: how did that happen? did it get fixed?
    So i guess i've to pay the extra Rs 800.
    Do you have any idea what the extra Rs 750 is for?
    This is how i was supposed to pay:
    250 for landline installation (plus 100 to the lineman), 500 for modem security, 250 for modem installation but this 250 was exempted under some scheme, plus 50 every month since i've taken the modem on rent. BBG FN 500 combo doesn't have any security deposits so only Rs800 has to be paid for the Landline. Now the extra 750 what is it for? Can you take a look at the original thread? I have given links to my bill in that thread, you can check. Really hoping you can help:)

    Funny thing LL is part of the combo plan which has no security deposit. But guess can't avoid that if they take it from everyone else. They should reallly revise their tariff page.
  6. whitestar_999

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    saw your other thread & i think i understood it.the LL installation charge of Rs.500 i think is equivalent to what i paid as Rs.600 as 1 year advance balance.they don't tell but i am sure that if you take land line connection for the 1st time then you will have to pay at least 500 as some form of deposit/installation etc in an urban area.the next charge of Rs.250 upfront is i guess equivalent to some form of processing/application fee which again i paid when submitting the form for 500combo plan.this i think covers your extra of the charges are usual.

    my bill was calculated without the free NU usage & thus the inflated bill.i got it fixed after submitting an application to accounts officer of the main exchange under which my area comes.
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  7. thehost

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    I went through the bill again and assuming I've to pay 500 as security deposit for the LL and 250 upfront , I two more doubts.
    Bill says
    1)xxxxxxx (ph. no.) --> Rs 800 one time charges
    500 for LL installation, 250 upfront, 50 deposit installation(?) What is the deposit installation, do i have to pay it every month?

    2)xxxxxx (BB dialer id)--> Rs750 one time charges
    500 as modem security deposit, 250 modem installation.

    And this what I've already paid when applying for BB:
    1) Local deposit : 250
    2) BB type 1 modem: 500

    is local deposit same as the upfront bill for the landline, and is bb type 1 modem fee same as the security deposit of the modem? In that case bill has 250+500 more than what it should have?

    Please note, the BB installation charges of Rs250 were exempted under some installation waiver scheme.
  8. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Platinum Member

    did you get any receipt for these payments?something doesn't seem right.whether you get any receipt or not i think you should go to the exchange & ask the details from the person to whom you submitted the form.either he will clarify or he will ask you to go to the accounts section.
  9. thehost

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    yeah i've the receipt, I'll ask them. Thankyou for your time and all the answers.

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