Tikona worst in Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Tikona WiBro' started by manu424, Aug 13, 2010.


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  1. manu424

    manu424 New Member

    Tikona worst in Hyderabad

    Please do not take Tikona from hyderabad. It is a cheating one. They wont provide the speed as they promised, not even near to the speed they say. It rarely connect to the network.

    Worst of all networks!

  2. birender

    birender Guest

    which location you are in hyderabad...
  3. mvs sarma

    mvs sarma Member

    Tikona is a wireless Broadband provider and once the area concerned is LIT, and the ISP has given a connection, it should not matter

    But high raise buildings pose problems for the signal strength and related problems.
  4. birender

    birender Guest

    Tikona is Wifi provider and OFDMA like 4g then there will be no matters but their equipments are not capable to boot the signal as they are using only 350mw transmitter inside their AP in locality for 4G OFDMA min RF output required is 1 Watt to 5 watts if you want clear signal with any fluctuation.
  5. mani10987

    mani10987 New Member

    I have used tikona for about 4 months. Trust me, im now regretting for that. It's the worst service i've ever seen. The BSNL department ispite of being a govt one, serves better than them. Apart from that, they ask you to pay them cheques by dropping at the atm cheque drop boxes. And when you do that, the next month in your bank statement you get the amount deducted and transferred to tikona, but the company claims that they havent recieved the cheques. For which they ask you to submit the bank account statement asking you the proof of the transaction.
    "Now are you a customer or a As**ole??" this is what comes into my mind. I've paid the amount and now they ask me to prove myself that i've done it to the right person. After a month they call me and tell that they have updated my bill. This is the thing that happened with me. I made a request for disconnecting their service, for which they acted after a month charging me with the bill of an additional month of usage. Its a pain in the A** with these people.
    Since then i've been using Beam. I don know if it's there in your local area. But its the killer plan among all the present ISP plans. I've been using it since 5 months, not a single call to the customer care since then. Worth spending 1000 bucks for a 10 MBPS connection. That is what i recommend for the people using tikona presently. Thanks for your patience to read this. I'l be a happy person if someone atleast reads and bothers about this.
  6. snick_hill

    snick_hill New Member

    Thank you mani,

    I was about to jump into that pit...It is reviews like yours which keep the rest away from bad experiences.
  7. mani10987

    mani10987 New Member

    Its my pleasure that my review has been useful to you.
  8. talk2rp

    talk2rp New Member

    Whichever location you are in, it doesn't matter. Everywhere tikona service is ****. It has got a very very bad reputation in bangalore also.

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