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    I got Tikona connection (in kolkata) last year in april 2012, it was working absolutely fine for 3 months, but in july the problem started frequent disconnection, connection time out no connectivity, etc etc. from july to october this problem remained unsolved and the engineer visited 8 times and all the time he fixes the problem and the next day the problem starts again it got so bad that out of 12 hours it only worked for 1 hour. finally i gave my last disconnection request on october 2012 and i was also paying all the bills from july till october when the internet was so problematic. i emailed them for disconnection and on phone and never used there connection again, they are not even disconnecting and they kept sending bills for november and december when i didn't even use it ! on january 5th the tech guy came and took the tikona connection box and wire's ! now I am getting calls from tikona that i have a bill due of rs 1750 and if i don't pay them they will file a legal case in delhi court and i will have to pay rs 25000 !

    I mean what nonsense is this ? internet connection was not working properly from july to october and yet i paid the full bill, i requested for disconnection in october several times but they don't even want to disconnect! now i haven't even used tikona they are sending me to months bills of rs 1750 ?

    they say if you won't pay we will file a legal case in delhi which you will have to come and pay a penalty of rs 25,000 !

    what should i do guys ? any advice ?
  2. funtoosh

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    As far as I know it's just the collection agencies trying to scare the clients, the even tell that they have even sent a notice but I am sure you never received it, ask that stupid Fake lawyer to send the notice by register AD first and tell him you will first consult with your lawyer then you will get back to him, I am sure you will stop getting threats, if needed file a case in your local police station about it.

    P.S. It's not a legal advice, just telling from my own experience

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  3. pshrinivasan

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    Have you kept copies of mail/e-mail sent to them for fixing problems/ for disconnection ? If not it may pose a problem if they file a suit. Regards,
  4. tholethol

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    They are even not a connection agency, they are just a Call Center Employe :)

    Note: If they are trying to scaring your by sending a notice then don't scared and ask them to send a notice because even If they send you a notice then you have a chance to pay your bill or fight against them(If you have a valid proof like screenshot of error, phone logs, email conversation, etc..)
  5. angry

    angry New Member

    Horrible experience and a nightmare.
    Will never forget this awful experience
    Dont fall the scams I've got calla and threatened to drag me to court and also askd for penalty because the tikona did not ******* disconnect my service even after I told then too.
    They'vE forgotten that it is we who given them money
  6. Tubelight

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    That's what companies do, if there is a problem and you call them they say it will be sorted, if you are not getting your connection and complain they know and even still they send you a bill. Then if you don't pay a bill its off to the court notice.
  7. parsibagan

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    The company is based in Kolkata, you are from Kolkata, how the hell can they file proceedings against you in Delhi? I'd suggest that you get in touch with the consumers forum which is located near Globe cinema. I hope that you have all copies (hard/soft) of your correspondence with them.

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