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Discussion in 'Tikona WiBro' started by Preeti_20, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Anyone who is living in Mumbai and is using Tikona broadband, can you please give your reviews on the performance, customer service and speed please. Because its a fairly new provider it would be good to get some feedback.
  2. mintoo

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    well i m using tikona broadband named wibro, but i m not satisfied with its services. they people took a week in installation (at my home). their some distribution module is called A.P. is just 10 to 15 mtrs away from my pc, but i m not getting their committed speed, and it is disconnecting automatically after sometimes say half an hour to 3-4 hours. i complained them several times but they say that their engg. is on the way for me, but unfortunately he has not reached till my review(complaining from a week). I'LL STICK TO MY EXISTING AIRTEL. tikona is false commitments only. my rating for tikona is zero or one star(i m kind hearted)
  3. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    who will take that Risk ? :D
  4. rocky2583

    rocky2583 New Member

    I bought Tikona Wi-Bro connection around 2 weeks ago.
    so far its working fine. No issues.
    They are offering their service at a very competitive price range.
    My earlier broadband service provider used to charge me at least 3 times more !!!
  5. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    is connection stable and gives speeds as mentioned on plans ?

    what speed you get at day time and night time ?
  6. rocky2583

    rocky2583 New Member

    Surfing speed is alrite.
    I am using 2 MBPS connection.

    I downloaded Itunes from Apple.com
    I got a speed of around 60-70 KB/s.

    Then I downloaded IE 8 from Microsoft website.
    Average speed was 150 KB/s. Occasionally it even went upto 200 KB/sec.

    As u must be knowing, the download speed as such depends on many factors like how much work load server is having, line speed at server's end, server's location, network congestion and so on.

    I have always observed very high downloading speed with Microsoft.com
    It is a very good site for testing ur broadband connection's performance.
  7. 23eshan23

    23eshan23 Guest

    billing problems

    The speed of net is OK. I am using Circuit breaker plan. They do lot of cheating in billing. They count more upload and duration than we usually use.
  8. can any one give its true speed for 2Mbps plan holders from speedtest.net with(no app using net another than website tab ) and its quality of router , service and customer care (if needed) ? my friend living in Pune wants to take connection from tikona available in thier area. so i needed ur help to make him choose right. He is willing Unlimted 1249Rs plan . And it is possible to use on 2 PCs / (1 PC +1 Laptop) by using our another router with wifi like Netgear / Belkin.... connected to router from them... ? Has anyone tried ? please post reply
  9. Blizking

    Blizking Guest

    I have the same question as 'andy_robinson' but i already own a netgear G router....do they provide an N router and can i use my present one as an access point as my house is pretty big and one N router is not sufficient...

    THX in adv..
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Tikona is good

    I am using tikona for over 3 months now. The speed is constantly 2MBPS even from speedtest.net
    Tikona has their own speedtest site speedtest.tikona.in which also gives good result. The only check is that You should have a tikona access point on your building or a nearby building for good signal. Ensure that all the lights on the modem are constant GREEN. especially the aerial and thumbs up LEDs.


  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    Can any one tell me tikona provide sevices in virar (west)
  12. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    pathethic services

    My suggestion Pls dont go for their services....it's sucks if ur avid net user.
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Pathetic service

    The Service is very Bad in Thane Region. I have taken this provider after doing some research on the Internet but I m fully frustrated with their Customer Support. Their Sales guy will tell you he is coming and make you wait for hours without even giving a call and if you call him he will switch off his cell. I am talking of Mr Nayak ( Sales Guy in Thane Region). Also in most region they dont have Access Point in Thane due to which the Wireless Service is not possible. This they will not tell you in advance before installin the connection. The Signal Strength needs to be atleast 30% for Wireless to work
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Customer service is pathatickkkkkk

    I had taken service on trial basis for a week.
    The service is so repellent that I decided to cancel the very next day.

    I was told by sales person that if I cancel within trial period I will not be charged of anything.
    But its more than a month now and I have not received there response.
    Inspite of frequent calls they are not willing to pickup there useless modem from my home.
    Also I got a bill to pay for a day use.

    Guys do not get into their bullshit service.

    Take care. If you have spare money and if you are looking for someone to screwup.. Tikona is the one for you.
  15. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    placed for a demo

    So I called them today morning...

    The representative told I'll get a Demo by Tuesday.

    All things said I called in on Sat. morning I expect the person to come by Monday morning or even Sunday! Hey business is business.

    But anyway we'll see how it goes on Tuesday!

    Good thing I called from my cell to their toll free number at 10.40am...I was hooked to the representative in less than a minute so that's a plus.

    Things I wanna check when their demo comes....

    Ping times for gaming. = If this is sky high to hell with their service don't want it. TriBand MTNL offers decent lag free exp. I know it's wireless but still they're advertising it as 4G & gaming is possible in 3G itself so 4G should be a.ok IMO!

    Download speed in torrents & FTP sites & youtube speed.

    Their tariff plan seems shaky...they seriously need a night unlimited plan ala TriBand i.e they need to offer 2Mbps 10-10 unlimited & in the day with a limit of 2GB speeds of 300 kbps. All this for under 900.

    If they need to penetrate the market they need such a plan or I don't know why would anyone let go of TriBand!

    I mean I've had issues with TriBand but it's gotten fixed mostly within 2 [working] days maximum. I've had line bust up & what not...the MTNL guys know how to take care of the customer I must say!

    But it takes freaking ages to get a representative of MTNL online when u call them. That sucks big time.

    Line disconnections during rains are a thing of past...2 years now no problems in monsoon.

    Anyway forget TriBand will let y'all know how does it go with Tikona! I kinda fancy this name Tikona sounds like a secret treasure vault lol.

  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    They just covered our Building today and have dropped brochures in everyone's house.

    Plans are not at all exciting and I see people experience is not encouraging here. Also, I have BSNL at my place so I don't need it :p

    I have also had a very bad experience with Tikona Customer Support. I called them thrice to schedule an appointment for a live demo and till date nobody has turned up. On top of that, one of their sales guy came to my house randomly as they have installed the access point in the building opposite to mine and told me that they cant offer demo and the guys in the call center are lying. There is no communication with people on the ground and the ones sitting in call center. I guess their marketing guys need to take a serious look at their strategy because it sucks big time..I hope they are listening.
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  17. Graham

    Graham Guest

    Speed test

    Hey, I am using Tikona from around 3 months I have the UL1249 Plan that is 600 Kbps which is unlimited But see the speed i am getting
    The speed is here ww w. speed test. net / result / 6 33224935.png Please remove the spaces
  18. taurius1

    taurius1 New Member

    Any wireless provider will show increased ping rates. Even if you use a wifi router on your cable / wireline connection at home, you'll see increased ping, as well as frequent disconnections... A gamer never goes wireless. :)
  19. Mohit84

    Mohit84 New Member


    I have emailed Tikona and there was no response from them. Can you tell me about its availability at Dahisar West. I was interested in 499 plan, which gives unlimited option. However, I want to confirm that is the download unlimited in that particlar option?
  20. taurius1

    taurius1 New Member

    I live near Dahisar Bridge. I see tikona Wi-bro on 2 bars on my PC through my wi-fi card. Make of it what you will..

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