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  1. Preeti_20

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    Tikona is a major broadband service provider in Mumbai and will soon launch its services in Pune. Today Tikona has been able to prove itself one of the best service providers when it comes to providing high speed broadband internet service at the cheapest rates in India. With growing competition when BSNL and other leading providers are still hanging with their old rates, Tikona brought some relief by offering few plans that are as much cheap as 250 per month.

    Tikona broadband is also called Tikona WiBro Broadband and it offers some excellent packages for both home users and office goers. The Tikona Broadband tariff plans are available in Mumbai and also would be available for Pune. The variety of packages has been designed to meet the needs of various users in the city. There are further plans by Tikona to set up their base in Delhi and get some of the finest plans for subscribers in the city too.

    You are promised 2Mbps speed by Tikona broadband service and download speed of 550 kpbs. Such amazing download speed will enable you get download a 100 MB file in just 4 minutes or so. And if you get compressed movie files they can be downloaded in just half and hour or so. Let us have a look at the various plans that are offered by Tikona:

    First Plan: Data transfer 256kbps 400 MB Plan at the rate of Rs.250 per month.

    Second Plan: Data transfer 256kbps 1 GB Plan at the rate of Rs.505 per month.

    Third Plan: Data transfer 256kbps 400 MB day + Night Unlimited at Rs.400 per month.

    Fourth Plan: Unlimited 256 kbps Plan at the rate of Rs 999 per month.

    Other suitable Plans: Unlimited 256 kbps day & 512 kbps Night at the rate of Rs.1156 per month. And Night Unlimited 512 kbps at the rate of Rs.512 per month!
  2. srikanth

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    they have a abusive customer care

    they have a abusive customer care, i never get the speed i'm supposed to get 37.5KB. my package is ful599, most of the time i get around 5-9KB to 16KB.
  3. bhanuprasad1981

    bhanuprasad1981 New Member

    lol i have talked to them they agreed to send a person for demo,5 days gone from the day they took appointment and i am still waiting for their guy :p
  4. vorazeal

    vorazeal New Member

    @dont go for tikona

    have u read the TOS they only provide 10-15 kbps upload speed which is really the worst thing like one's in Hathway etc.

    BTW 512kbps at night at Rs 1156 is kinda expensive @ slow upload speed. I will stick to my Airtel which has very good customer service @ good plans then tikona.
  5. srikanth

    srikanth New Member

    that's not true. when the speed is good, upload speed is good much higher than that. tikona doesn't have 512kbps package. they have 600kbps unlimited for 799 ruppees. but read my experience here

  6. sonu.sihmar

    sonu.sihmar New Member

    Tikona a worst connection irritatating

    i applied for the connection just 3 weeks before And 2 days before i applied for disconnection
    Only thing i will say is if u don't want to suffer then Don't take Tikona connection


  7. speedmaniac

    speedmaniac New Member

    Buddy, i sympathize with your situation but if u wud have contacted their nodal officer you wud have not been in this situation.
  8. khan.shaziaa

    khan.shaziaa New Member

    Experience with Tikona - PATHETIC

    I have been using TIkona for the last 5 months..
    They stopped sendin me the bill last month and then their collection officer calls me almost everyday to pay the bill. She confirms my email address to send the bill for 2 weeks and doesnt send it. Then one day she sends her executive to collect the cheque which i very patiently give to the executive saying that they should send me the bill. BUt they dont.
    Next day my net is disconnected and the Customer Care person says that its becoz i have not paid the bill. I keep calling them for 3 days then an executive appears at my door and tells me i vil have to go thru the documentation again.. Bullshit!!!
    I have been calling them up n even writing mails to them every now n then, its been a month now n my net is still not working..
    Thats the kind of pathetic service they provide...
  9. anilsarin

    anilsarin New Member

    I agree TOTALLY.

    I agree, they are abusive and threaten their subscribers with legal action. Please avoid them.
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  10. ghanashyaml

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    I have Airtel 799 2Mbps combo plan (broadband + fixed line). Fixed line gives Rs 150 free calls and broadband free usage upto 5GB.

    I am more than satisfied with Airtel service since I do lot of downloads, watch lot of online movies and find the speeds pretty much @2Mbps always. And also the customer service is much polite and helpful in case of problems (just about 3-4 times in 2 years.). Also have setup my Linksys wrt54gl all set and doing Gigs of downloads via wifi.

    Given that Tikona is offering 2Mbps plans for Rs. 499 and 5GB of free usage (+ 10 paise/MB after that), does it make sense for me to switch over to Tikona. I would also want a landline anyways (BSNL is out of scope for me since they do not provide service in our society). So with so many complaints about Tikona over the net (and also one of my friends in my society), is Tikona really worth the pain of redoing all the R&D to setup wifi etc just to save about Rs 150-200 a month?

    Let me know guys!
  11. sajitshankar

    sajitshankar New Member

    Tikona cheating cutomers

    Beware of Tikona executives collecting advance cheques before showing you a practical feasibilty test at your pemises . I was cheated in this way . Now they are obsconding . The nodal office person's number is also changed .
    I have had only 4 days of internet since day 1 of my connection 15th Nov 2011 till date.

    I am going in for legal action against them for cheating custumers
  12. varma333

    varma333 Member

    the download speed is always consistent till now. there were no problems. it all depends on your router and antenna placement. If its kept in correct position, it will always give you consistent speeds. I get 1 Mbps all the time 24*7. I am on 1 Mbps Unlimited plan. And i download tons of movies. I did not have any problem till now. My upload speeds vary a bit. But my download speeds are always at 1 Mbps + :D


  13. NitroNeo

    NitroNeo New Member

    Please can anyone tell me if there is a 1 MB/s unlimited download plan from Tikona , i am fed up with my MTNL Connection , or should i say disconnections , so please tell me a 1 or 1.25 MB/s plan my budget for it is 700-1200 Rs , & is there a CAP Limit for it ???
  14. varma333

    varma333 Member

    In tikona there is 1Mbps unlimited plan. But the cost of it is Rs.1399/-
  15. NitroNeo

    NitroNeo New Member

    I Am okay with that but is there a CAP on it like if you download 20 GB or so your speed will decrease to 256 kb/s ???

    I Checked out airtel 1099 unlimited plan it had the same cap that i mentioned above
  16. varma333

    varma333 Member

    i know there are Fair usage policies for all the ISPs but its not so less like 20 Gb. Last month my usage was 30 Gb + But i did not see any speed change.
  17. NitroNeo

    NitroNeo New Member

    I Want a clear answer coz i download stuff + i play games online on PS3 so i need at least 50 GB + monthly usage without any CAP on it , please check out airtels website now they just limited the 1 mb/s unlimited usage to 20 gb & after that the speed goes to 256 kb/s
  18. varma333

    varma333 Member

    hmm in tikona website they did not mention the exact cap. :(

    This is as per FAQ.

    Is there any fair usage limit for Unlimited usage plans?
    For unlimited usage plans, if the usage reaches specified limit in a month, then contention ratio
    may increase from 1:20 to 1:50. Example: A subscriber of UNLTD549 plan can experience a
    download speed between 60 Kbps to 300 Kbps. However, there is no limit on the amount of
    data that can be downloaded.

    Why dont you contact them and find out and let us also know ?

  19. Tikona_Victim

    Tikona_Victim New Member

    Yes there is FUP
    Tikona Digital Networks

    read point 13 :(
  20. varma333

    varma333 Member

    yes i dont deny that point. But i did not see any difference. :(


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