The Total cost and procedure to get Bsnl Broadband connection installed

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by roker06, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I want to have Bsnl Broadband in Chandigarh i want to know what will be the total cost of installing and all that modem and wiring... and what type of document will need to get the bsnl BB I have my driving license only as the proof of Indian Nationality but the problem is that it dose not have the address of the place where i want to have the broadband connection but yaa i have the registry of home but not on my name...:confused:
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    With regarding photo proof your driving liscence is sufficient for address proof you need to submit your telephone bill, etc., any how goto the nearest office and ask for a telephone new connection application they will tell you the method if you dont have the address proof and first you need have a land line to get a broadband connection.
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    hi friend

    you chose modem type first the chose you buy it or purchase it. ok
    plan charge is deposit.
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    Try this

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