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  1. I finally got myself a laptop, and with that a net connection was but ofcourse needed.

    Options that I thoug of were : BSNL, Airtel and Tata Indicom.

    One look at Tata Indicom reviews on mouthshut were enough to make me not even bother looking at its tariffs etc.
    Regarding BSNL, my cousin had applied for it (and though shes happy with it), she got the connection after much running behind them after 2 months..
    I coudnt wait that long, so I decided to go with Airtel Broadband.

    I checked up the tariff plans on their website, deciede to go for Unlimited Plan at 128 kbps (thats 16KBps) for 700 per month.
    Called up their customer care centre, the agent took my address and number.
    The VERY next day, an airtel person came to my office and collected address proof, identity proof, and rs.500 as deposit money, and filled all the relevant forms.. all this took only 10 minutes.

    On the 3rd day after the form was filled, the engineers came, did the wiring, delivered the modem, landline instrument(that comes with the net connection), setup the connection, (all this in 1 hour flat) and my net was up and running !!

    I absolutely never expected such fast delivery, I suspected that after they take the 500 rs. as deposit, I will have to run behind them for installations, but NO, it was quite the opposite, they were ready to give me connection on the same day, but due to traffic problems here I could not reach home and got the connection done on a weekend..

    As I said, i have opted for the 128kbps(16KB) speed, the speeds i actually get are:
    - While surfing : 10-14 KB
    - Downloading : 7-10 KB
    - Uploading : 7- 10 KB

    But guess what, if I use any Download accelarator, I get speeds of 16 KB for download/upload, thats the maximum possible, so I’m really happy with the speeds, I am getting what I am paying for..

    They also give a landline instrument along with this, There is no rental for that, only calls made are charged at 1.10 local and rs.2 STD.

    If you are looking for a broadband connection with quick cusotomer service and decent enough rates, then for for Airtel (i recommend unlimited plan if you plan downloading anything).
  2. ace_ventura2

    ace_ventura2 New Member

    I agree

    Hats off to Airtel, Even after 2 years they have kept it up The post which I am replying to was posted nearly 2 years ago U see ?. I had the same experience and I have opted for 256kbps. Just imagine... U get a landline with no additional cost on which U can use incoming and if U do not make calls u won't be charged a penny.
    I would also like to addin something. The Cust Serv and Tech Supp is so fantastic... that if U register a complaint and if the field engg does not action (not necessary that they will resolve the issue but at least they do check it out and tell u the outcome) in next 4 hours (do U believe it ???) within just next 4 hours after U lodge the complaint, and if U call them again with the same complaint number. This complaint is registered and U are given a wiaver of Rs. 100 in your bill. This goes for all your complaints.

    So guys remember to make of note of the complaint number and the time U register it, just in case they tend to forget(which they don't as the Rs.100 is automatically applied once the same complaint number is entered in their system twice. (Mind U....only if the complaint is not actioned by any of their field personell and ofcourse excluding situations when there is a natural which case no one can) And this is a boon and not for someone to take advantage off in a wrong way.
  3. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I have been with BSNL for over six months and I have had no reason to complain except for a brief period on Jan 26/27 when the network was down for 20 hours+.

    However, I have UL 900+ plan that gives me peaceful sleep.
  4. parshanth

    parshanth New Member

    I think I have the Best of Airtel & Bsnl. Bsnl 500 Combo With 175 free Calls & 2mbps Speed Night Free Surfing. Airtel 256ul 750 With 50 Free calls . I am A satisfied Customer Because Bsnl Can Be faulty at times, Airtel is always On & Airtel is the unlimited plan i opted for Thank you.................
  5. enjoyteens

    enjoyteens New Member

    these telecom companies r really bloody assholes
    they never provide wht they say
  6. coolove23

    coolove23 New Member

    i have been using bsnl broadband and i am satisfied with 500 night free plan..

    i think in india no one gives 2.5gb and night unlimited at only Rs.500/- per month and especially upto 2 mbps speed...

    so i suggest bsnl best hai mere liye.....
  7. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    Im using BSNL 750 UL Plus Plan for alomost 15 months now.No complaints. Im getting an average download speed of 28~30 kB/sec.Im not a heavy downloader.This plan suits me....

    Intially there might be a delay in getting a connection,but not more than 1~2 months.But after that your money is really worth for the service you get.
    India Broadband is paying Rs 700 for 128 Kbps,were he could get 256 Kbps for Rs 750 had he applied for BSNL.BSNL is best & cheap.
  8. StarK

    StarK New Member

    his speed must have been upgraded now... it was two years ago, the plan does not even exist anymore and doesn't come under broadband plans.

    i'm paying Airtel Rs650 for 256-512Kbps (get download speeds always greater than 35KBps), with 100 free calls all over India. :)
  9. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    The only problem with Airtel is that they are not covering new areas.
  10. arsh

    arsh New Member

    about bsnl

    hi guys ,i use bsnl broadband from past 2years.however it works good,but when it breaks then you have make rounds of exchange to get them correct.last year in may it got disrupt for 1 month ,the tta says ther is problem in wiring in the house but actually due to some technical fault of there's they forget to switch on the jumper in exchange.then the regular thing to approach to get work done as usual in govt. offices.for the task of some seconds they took more than month to switch on the i live in area where there is no other provide .i have used reliance for two years but is more worst then other phase of my town my friends are using airtel or connect ,they are the best they never stops.last month on 21 April my broadband got disrupted after so many efforts (approach) i asked them to shift my vertical due which after 12 days it stars working,however they even asked me to disconnect because do not want to to do the work same old bsnl......however problem was minor they do not take interest.
  11. vengeance

    vengeance New Member

    AIRTEL vs. BSNL is too good of a topic :D
    I Personally support BSNL for their Cheap Plans and Covering a large area not just few like Airtel ( HERE MAY BE IM WRONG ) . Airtel is too good for Big or Private Firms which requires superb good Speeds. BSNL is good for Home Users but the problem is the CUSTOMER CARE , they suck!! They dont even respond even after many complaints unlike AIRTEL. BSNL in my area when i booked took 2 MONTHS to come. I had to LITERALLY beg the Area Head to come and have my connection started..!! Airtel is fast .. but yet i support BSNL...
  12. pavanred

    pavanred Guest

    Friends, U can trust any broadband service but never trust Reliance. It is the worst service I have ever experienced. Not even one good quality is there in their service. Most of my friends also got the same worst experience. Never dare to use it. I suggest BSNL. As it is a govt service no individual employee will bother about customers who are downloading to a maximum range. But in private services like reliance, they will find out the user who is downloading to a maximum extent and reduce the speed, they even disconnect the service frequently and will not respond to our complaints. I really suffered for one year with reliance ( Paid for 256 kbps and got 100 kbps, More than half of the days it is diconnected) as there are no other private and bsnl broadband. One year back I got BSNL connection and it is very good now. even the price is best when compared to f**king reliance and other private services.

    So whatever u do, Don't dare to use f**king Reliance broadband.:mad:
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  13. manikand

    manikand New Member

    Now reliance has the cheapest..............night at 1mbps(10pm to 8am)...........and day time 600kbps unlimited ...........thats download speed of mine is 60-65...........and the same rental of your bsnl750UL(rs 749 only)............and u get the Reliance Unlimited 300kbps for Rs499 and 600kbps(no night 1mbps) of Rs650/month
  14. sajal

    sajal Member

    What is the download limit to this plan .. I mean FUP .. Any links?
  15. manikand

    manikand New Member

    as i could not post the links....

    now reliance has revised its combo plans......its very cool.........

    combo 300kbps-----

    monthly rental-----499rs
    download speed----300 kbps
    limit- --------------unlimited
    free calls----------50
    local calls---------- 50pise /min any network........
    std---------------- 1rupee

    combo 600kbps------

    monthly rental-----650rs
    download speed----600 kbps
    limit- --------------unlimited
    free calls----------50
    local calls---------- 50pise /min any network........
    std---------------- 1rupee

    as i could not paste the link
    enter for more detalis in the post paiud combo plai in the wire line internet tarriff......

    And for 1 mbps night time......

    Download Speed-------600 Kbps(Day)
    1 Mbps (Night)

    Monthly Charges (Rs.) 749

    NIGHT USAGE(1 MBPS) : 10 pm to 8 am

    Broadband Data Usage unlimited

    FREE Calls Worth (Rs.) 50

    Local voice usage charges Landline
    & Mobile Phone on Any Network (Rs.) 0.50 / min.

    atlast.......but not least
    UNLIMITED Combo 1 Mbps

    Download Speed: 1 Mbps

    Monthly Charges (Rs.) : 1099

    Broadband Data Usage : unlimited

    FREE Calls Worth (Rs.) : 50

    Local voice usage charges Landline
    & Mobile Phone on Any Network (Rs.) : 0.50 /min

    STD Calls to Any Phone,
    Any Network & Anywhere in India (Rs.) : 1/MIN

    there is no fair usage policy in reliance wire line......but there is limit in reliance netconnect(mobile internet)...........its just unlimited.......i am using 300kbps plan.......and i get speed of 35-40 kB(got to belive) i have been using reliance for 7months........and i have no problem in my area.......the subscription will take 7days( common for all networks)........and enjoy........
    as u wont belive when u see it........


    Reliance must be the best for now...........
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  16. gvs_vijay

    gvs_vijay New Member

    Best unlimited internet

    Iam using bsnl ul750+ plan for which iam not paying rent for the landline.If you pay for a year it will be Rs.7500 so you can save Rs.1500.If the connection is availed by a senior citizen in your family or a central gov employee you will get 20% discount on Rs.7500 -->Rs.6000 per year-->Rs.500 per month FOR 256KBps,now upgraded to 512kbps

    Recently BSNL have upgraded the speed(doubled) in unlimited plans From 256kbps to 512Kbps(64KBps).So i get around 62-62KBps in download. Iam happy with it,since i download and browse equally.BSNL UNLIMITED PLANS ARE THE BEST
  17. Kadamba

    Kadamba Guest

    No,you will save 2424INR if you opt for the annual payment plan,the total amount of the whole year is 9924 INR if you pay the monthly rent!
    Ya it is true that BSnl's plans are good unlimited plans!
  18. roker06

    roker06 New Member

    Airtel 799 unlimited or 1099 unlimited ?what speed in realty they provide.

    i want to have airtel broadband connection but i am confused between unlimited 799 and 1099 which one should i opt and what is the constant or real speed they provide ...i live in Chandigarh whats the response in my city..
  19. bhavesh

    bhavesh New Member

    nivyah broadband

    i got nivyah broadband.It cost is too cheap.This broadband provides limited and unlimited very cheap is parshwa which limited and other is nivyahunlimited365 unlimited.I had taken 1mbps unlimited yearly package at Rs.4000 and at night 11-8 the speed is upto2mbps.
    I love u this plan which is very less in price.My cable operator is balajicable internet.I am from mumbai-->wadala-->antophill.
    if any one want the net u can contact to my cableoperator :9322380432
    his name is ramulu and most of people call him as balaji .Enjoy guys If u need it
  20. vijayanand

    vijayanand New Member


    What is the speed you are getting in night (2am - 8am)?
    and what is your location?

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