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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by abhishek, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. abhishek

    abhishek Member

    i am getting super fast 3G speed on my BSNL prepaid SIM since last evening . Never done a 3G recharge or anything , i'm just simple 2G user . So i was quite amazed by this . Anyone else experiencing this prodigy ???
    Just to be sure i tried dis-connecting and than again connect to internet,recharged with another denomination(2G) and waited till next day . And now still the same speed , posting a proof also . All i wanna know is this only me ??? Sort me out guys coz i was about to apply for BB service the same day .

    REALLY CONFUSED:confused:

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    It could be a promotion that they are running to give you some 3g experience so when they stop it you upgrade to 3g :)
  3. dushie

    dushie Member

    Anything can happen with BSNL, keep your fingers crossed . It may not last for a long time.
  4. abhishek

    abhishek Member

    you guyz were right ! it was just sort of technical fault .....
    aaj sham ko phir wahi ghatiya speed pe a gaya hu ; par maine koi stupidity ni ki aur aaj dophar ko hi ja k BB k liye apply kar diya ! 2-3 din me lag jayega . Posting the present speed of BSNL :
  5. sharang_3

    sharang_3 Guest

    whenever i recharge a 2g data pack on my no. i get 3g speeds for some 6-7 hours..happens all the time :)
  6. suvajit

    suvajit New Member

    i am also getting 3g speed on 2g recharge. am frm burdwan west bengal.........
  7. SlowPoison

    SlowPoison New Member

    lol, its 2g speed bro
  8. suvajit

    suvajit New Member

    r u joking or what. i know 0.63 Mbps is not up to the mark in case of 3g speeds but how can u say it as 2g speed:confused: max edge speed is 384 it and u will find
  9. samit

    samit New Member

    @abhishek who told you that BSNL BB will be provided to you within 2-3 days it will take 2-3 weeks or a month....they are the lazaiest i got my bb connection last 2 year after 1 month applying a request..

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