Thai food vs Chinese food

Discussion in 'Food' started by devrajofjaipur, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. devrajofjaipur

    devrajofjaipur New Member

    For a few months now, I am totally hooked on to Thai food. It is very similar to indian food with masalas and coconut milk minus all the oil and much healthier. It think it is far far better than chinese food. I wonder why it has not caught on in india as compared to chinese. What do u think?
  2. aashaka_gandhi

    aashaka_gandhi De WatEvaa SweetHeart

    well the chinese u get in india is much more different than wht u get in china.....go to china, far east ....n try out chinese....i m sure u wont like it....compared to tht thai food is more tastier....!!!

    all these i m talkin is authentic chinese n thai....

    plus both these kinds of food ve varieties of non veg...n its difficult for veg. ppl.....!

    Chinese tht is famous in India is nowhr similar to authentic chinese in china....
  3. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    I once had Thai food when I was in LA,that time I didn't have any other options...It was good.yup it was better than the Chinese.
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    The only Thai food I have liked is rice with thai red curry and it is a killer with too much chillies in it... Its good once in a while but I find thai food to be a bit too hot...
  5. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    this maybe cause there is still a touch of indian tastes in the dishes.

    But when you go to proper restaurants that's where you may find the difference.

    Im not good on this, but what exactly is the difference in chinese and thai food! I suppose it may be something when we are compared bengali food to punjabi food!
  6. Punch Farce

    Punch Farce New Member

    Thai food and Chinese food are very different. To make it
    very simple (I am generalizing two great cuisines)

    Chinese food has mainly soy sauce (plus ginger, garlic, red chillies etc) and
    Thai food has mainly coconut milk (plus lemongrass, galangal, green chilli etc.)

    Both are tasty

    Some Chinese items are chowmein, kung-pao, mandarin, hunan etc.
    Some Thai items are Pad-Thai, green/red/yellow curry, Mussuman etc.

  7. Mirzarocx

    Mirzarocx New Member

    I had authentic chinese when i went to shanghai. Its important to remember that china has different regions with different foods. For example, Cantonese food is very sweet (similar to gujarati food) while schezwan food is very hot and spicy with lots of chillies. so chinese too has variations.

    My fav Thai food is something called "jungle curry". It is brown in colour and has taste very similar to indian masala. I found thai better than chinese.

    Another thing, the hotness of thai food should have made it more palatable to indians compared to chinese.
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  8. Gary4gar

    Gary4gar New Member

    The real chineese food cannot be eaten my most of us. as most of thier food is streamed and raw. for Indians its tasteless as we are used to eating masala food.

    And also, they eat lot of non-veg dishes. so veggies beware.
  9. Mirzarocx

    Mirzarocx New Member

    Infact, the fact it is steamed and raw makes it healthier than the chinese which we eat in India, which has Agino moto. This is known to affect the brain and has been banned in most countries except india.
  10. aashaka_gandhi

    aashaka_gandhi De WatEvaa SweetHeart

    the chinese which we get is india is more oily... in no ways its healthier...

    i dunno i personally find chinese food stinky......!!!!! i had a house mate was a typical chinese n for a year......i had to stay wid her.....n thy jus ve those typical weird stinky smells...

    thai food atleast dont stink.....
  11. Punch Farce

    Punch Farce New Member

    Are you sure? you are not confusing with Japanese food?

  12. aashaka_gandhi

    aashaka_gandhi De WatEvaa SweetHeart

    ummmm i think so he is.....japanese food is raw......for sure....or half cooked....!

    chinese food is all cooked
  13. devrajofjaipur

    devrajofjaipur New Member

    This means that most people dont know what real japanese or chinese food is. What you are talking about is just SUSHI. It is raw fish in rice cake. I have eaten it in London. This is eaten like a starter like our kababs. Authentic japanese food is cooked on stir fry with garlic etc.. They dont have gravy like chinese or thai. But it is definitely cooked.

    Based on one or two dishes people form opinions which is incorrect. My british friends think that all indian food is hot and spicy which is not true. They have just eaten one or two things and formed their opinion. Same is case with chinese, japanese and thai food. It may not have masalas but it is very nutritious and healthy. Not the unhealthy thingy we call "indian chinese".
  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i support uncle lives in Shouzou,Shanghai and he told that whatever spicy is sold in Chinese is just the Indianed chinese food.real chinese food he says is far different.
  15. Mirzarocx

    Mirzarocx New Member

    Indian chinese is not good for health as it has AGINO MOTO which is banned by most countries around the world except India. It affects brain as well. Its not advisable to eat lot of Indian chinese.
  16. aashaka_gandhi

    aashaka_gandhi De WatEvaa SweetHeart

    i didnt kno tht.....
  17. StarK

    StarK New Member

    actually aginomoto or monosodium glutamate originated in china only. this aginomoto is the name of the company who invented it there. :mad:

    and u can see that MSG can be found in nearly all the eatables outside as well as packaged food n all that junk, not restricted to chinese food at all

    it is harmful to a child's brain the most, it can give you irregular heartbeats (arrythmia, which i had for some time), palpitations, head ache n what not...

    the companies also have a habit of hiding it in other names like, yeast extract, etc.

    read all about it here Monosodium glutamate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    i've completely stopped chinese food, and also eat processed food ina very limited quanitity now.
  18. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    But many packaged food are free from MSG these days.
  19. StarK

    StarK New Member

    then they have flavour enhancer 631 n all that... its just closely related compounds all these.
  20. Mirzarocx

    Mirzarocx New Member

    Thanks a lot for this info. I was not aware about this. I know that it is banned in UK and US. Its really scary what we eat and what we are not even aware of what it contains. In indian chinese food, i think it is used to make the gravy thick.
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