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    Teracom - essbebe's


    TERACOM Type2( T-2B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI)​
    This model ADSl wifi modem(as well as Adsl modem)is
    being supplied by BSNL to its customers recently.
    It appears mostly,this is based on Siemens C2110
    (less WIFI), for which many links are available.

    Teracom Website
    Teracom :: ADSL Modem
    http://www.teracom.in/htmls/type1.rar patch 1
    http://www.teracom.in/htmls/type2.rar patch 2
    http://www.teracom.in/htmls/manual.rar basic/manual

    customer Care
    Email & Phone No.
    Customer Support Email : customercare@teracom.in

    Customer Support Phone No.: 09718884242

    Also on line form for technical assistance.
    IBF thread.

    Port forwarding.
    If some options are not seen ( port forwarding etc )
    try in "Always On" mode instead of "Dialer".mode.
    Try these.

    PS: I don't have this model.

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    members who access this post, may suggest improvements .
    Or if still any problem with the modem/router.
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    Rep+. Why didn't you wait and submit this article for the contest?
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    That article was posted way too early. It will be difficult to justify.

    But coming back to you. Sure. You can participate in the contest.
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    Sorry. did not notice the date of posting.
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    Why this Teracom's interface looks like that of C2110 ? Is this a re-badged one ?
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    USB Port function may not be available see email to BSNl below:
    See link WA3002_g4 below. Most modems/routers are based on one or two Firmware/s.
    ( minor changes/variations possible. For instance Ut300R2U new model supplied by bsnl does not have port triggering Virtual server options.)

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    USB port facility not available at present. Info from BSNL.
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    how can i set teracom type 2 in pppoe mode.
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    PPP/PPPoE mode ( userid/PW entered in Modem wan page)
    check here:
    Ignore Instruction No 2.
    ( If DHCP enabled in modem/router)
    Create new LAN Network.
    START/All programs/Accessories/communications/
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    Wow thanks for the links..
    Solved my problem


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