TataSky STB Firmware Update (manually)

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    If you notice that your set top box is not providing picture or sound of a particular channel or you face other kind of annoying problems with your Tata Sky set top box, you can try to reinstall or upgrade your set top box firmware (or software).

    Most of the times the firmware is automatically updated by Tata Sky via its satellite but you can manually try to reinstall or update the firmware using following steps:

    1. Start your set top box from mains and wait for the "Please Wait Initialising..." message on screen.

    2. As soon as you see the message, quickly press "Back" button on your remote and then press 2 4 6 5 buttons on the remote.

    3. If you press the buttons on time, you'll be greeted by the "DVB SSU+ LOADER" screen and your Tata Sky set top box will start downloading and installing the latest firmware.


    4. Do not try to switch off the set top box during the process, it might damage your box. The software installation might take a few minutes to complete.

    NOTE: This method will work for all Tata Sky set top boxes whether its normal Tata Sky box or Tata Sky+ box or Tata Sky HD box. This method should also work for Sky set top boxes, not checked. We are sure this method will also work for other DTH service providers set top boxes.

    If you are using a DTH service provider to watch TV channels, feel free to try the service menu and service code and share your experience and feedback in your comment... :cool:

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