Tata Sky package prices?Rain affecting reception!

Discussion in 'Tata sky' started by h n s mani, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. h n s mani

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    I am a subscriber to Tata sky DTH from 2008 June.I wonder why Tata continue to charge very high prices fr their "packages" compared with other DTH providers.They dont seem to bother about the lower prices offered by Zee, Sundirect etc.Further I am surprised to see The DTH signal going 'phut" at the slightest rain.Why it is so sensitive to rain?Only Tata Sky has this problem or others too?How is it that even in the torrential rain we continue to get cable TV signal which also is collected thru a dish only ? there the signal goes only if there is a power failure in the cable routing.We lose the signal for almost 10 minutes before it stabilises.Is it the same way with Zee Sundirect Airtel etc?Can anybody throw some light on this?

    My Subscription expires in June.Will it be advisable to change the DTH provider?but I will be hvg the SETbox and dish as a burden and loss.
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    What you are experiencing is "rain outage". This is a common problem with all DTH providers in India. So changing provider solely for this reason will not be a good idea.

    You do not get this problem with cable because:

    - the cable distribution company has 12 feet dishes
    - they have multiple dishes for different satellites
    - their LNB and amplifiers are much stronger

    I suggest that you change the provider only if you feel that TataSky is costly. No doubt TS is costly but their picture quality is really good.
  3. h n s mani

    h n s mani Member

    Hi! thanks very much for your very quick reply.Yes you are right Tata Sky pic quality is really gud.Maybe the reason for "rain outage" is that the DTh signal is KUband so the bandwith is very narrow( that is why we use a 60cm dish)which makes it a bit sensitive to rain.Another plus with tata is the transparency.Thery say you pay this much you will get this>look at SUndirect ads.very misleading.Based on your advice i hv decided to stick with Tata sky.Thanks again
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  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    At one point I had both Airtel dth and Tata sky at home and last rainy season compared both and found that Airtel outages were more frequent and lasted a lot longer then Tata sky. I have got rid of Airtel dth now and run tata sky multiroom for different rooms (they have increased the multiroom price from Rs125 to 150 per month for each box).

    This comparision was done at Newdelhi and might differ at Mysore or other places due to various factors.

    Cant say the same about dish tv and sun dth as I havent used them along side tata sky but would be interesting to see if some one has experimented..
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    DishTV is certainly much cheaper but PQ is not as good as TataSky.

    And my biggest complaint on DishTV is its pathetic STB UI.
  6. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    I wouldn't recommend you switching DTH providers, like J4K said Tata Sky has very good picture quality :)
  7. jagan2

    jagan2 New Member

    @h n s mani: As its already said by just4kix cable tv channel always comes without interruption because they use a big dish which gets a very very strong signal so it gets enough signal to show channels smooth in heavy rains also.

    About about sensitivity etc there is nothing like that, all depends on the dish and lnb, the bigged the dish the stronger the channel and ultimately it will result in channel viewing even in heavy rains.

    But did you knew that you can watch tv during rain also how? simple what exactly you have to do is get a stronger signal from ur dish, if you know how to position dish then you can do yourself if u succeed in getting about 45-60 signal quality and strength in rain it wont effect, yes but if its super heavy rain then definitely get effect (your power will also cut probably :p). But the thing is you would be able to watch tv during rain also.

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